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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
April 30, 2021


He assumed he had nothing to worry about. These schmucks can convince themselves that they're immune, they're the exception to the rule because THEY are gonna get away with whatever it is, that what they were up to was really not that bad or illegal, nothing to worry about because trump'll help them out or pull strings for them or "take care of them" (BOY HOWDY on that last one!!!).

"He never gets caught, so I won't get caught either."

"WHAT crime?"

"I didn't do anything wrong. Besides, this is just 'How It's Done'. EVERYBODY does it!"

"So what? They can't touch me."

"I got friends in high places ifyouknowwhatImean."

There are TONS of rationales. Schmucks like him know all the angles and all the manipulations and easy outs and excuses and deflections ("hey! Look over THERE!" "Have you asked THAT guy?" "Never heard of the guy." "I don't know anything about it. You'll have to ask fill-in-the-blank-here...&quot , or - my personal Mike Pence pull-his-string-and-you-get-the-usual-excuse response: "Well, this is the first I've heard of it."

These jerks are very likely so steeped, for so long, in the reality-show thing that trump concocted (and is SOOO much more favorable to their worldview that they've up on reality and jumped in, head first, and are still swimming around in it). They've had Pox Noise power-reinforcing this alternative-facts world since the 1990s, and at least two more echo-chamber outlets, OAN and Newsmax, plus the social media CON-morass, AND wrong-wing rags for those who still read, and if you are fed a steady diet of that, it can be like brainwashing after awhile and you just don't even question it. This brainwashing is made all the more inevitable because it's based on WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR. NOT what actually IS in the real world where all those "Other" people live. It's the proverbial "Wish Sandwich" (you get two pieces of bread, and you WISH you had some meat). They've even discovered a clever, nice-sounding fancy adjective to describe it and make it sound all noble, above-board, and high-minded: "aspirational".

But it's TOTAL BULLSHIT. And it has NO relation to reality - and they don't like the reality version, so how nice for them that they found a TV-personality "hero" who's starred in his own Reality SHOW! Gracious sakes! The circle is complete! Secure in a nice big protection bubble in which they self-insulate because they like the pretend world better than the real one. The pretend world reinforces, and lines up better with, their own hangups and prejudices. And it's mainly full of other white people so of course they prefer it to the one they see whenever they have to get gas in thr car or go to some fast food place or 7/11 or they happen to be in a different area or part of town than where they're used to being.

I'm wondering if the MAGAts' addictive, compulsive, almost helpless attraction to trump has much longterm staying power. If he keeps stoking the fires and picking the scabs open til they get infected and start oozing, he will still attract these poor lost souls. Hopefully this will ALL catch up with HIM. Especially him.

April 30, 2021

Kid must have done it. When I was younger, we had a cat

named Omega Double Cheeseburger after a local burger joint we liked. We found him huddled close under the wheel of the car where we’d get burgers. Teeeeeeny kitten, abandoned, lost, looking for warmth. I didn’t notice him down there and almost stepped on him as I started to climb back into the car. Thank goodness I spotted him in time!!!

Soon enough, we were calling him Dub, for short. And the name stuck for a lifetime.

We STILL miss him, 30-some-odd years later.

April 30, 2021

Thanks. Mighty good to know.

And the vaccines are mighty good to have!

April 30, 2021


What a great pair of images! Historic!

April 29, 2021

... all the way to the TOP!

We're "one heartbeat away" as of now!

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