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haele's Journal
haele's Journal
September 30, 2022

(Spoilers) Timely discussion about fighting back at internet trolls..She Hulk show

Is anyone watching She-Hulk, Attorney at Law on Disney +?

This is Disney going against Internet Trolls and Incel 'culture'.

I'm seeing how major plot point development is how the villain is using 'Intelligenca - the site for crying Man-babies' to attack the hero.

The Mouse strikes back against toxic fandom. By incorporating and ridiculing their real antics into the storyline.

This is classic Marvel from the comics- a story about characters dealing with being superheros in a normal world, as well as tossing in the wierd to show how celebrity 'influencers' and superheros affect people in general try to go about their own lives.

Don't get me wrong -the Mouse is still casually evil in it's search for profits and market share, but there is quite a bit of holding a (funhouse) mirror to some of the problems in social media society going on here, and that's a good thing, in my opinion.

Throughout history, popular fiction has been used as a platform to make society more receptive to ideas that lead to change.


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