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Hometown: Washington dc
Member since: 2001
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I was interested in which states comprise the 19 so:

[I just added any state for each category that didnít previously appear.]

omnibus laws that each contain several new restrictive provisions, + criminal penalties for helping voters:
*Florida *Georgia Iowa #Texas

Criminal penalties for helping voters:
+ Kansas

Multiple restrictions:
+ Arkansas Montana *Arizona

mail in voting restrictions:
+ Alabama Kentucky ^New York Oklahoma

Restrictions on drop boxes:
+ Indiana

Tightened signature requirements:
+ Idaho

Increased Voter ID requirements:
+ *New Hampshire Wyoming

Easier Voter purges:
+ Louisiana Utah

Increase number of voters per precinct:
+ *Nevada

* = purple; of these,
GA [16], AZ [11], NH [4], NV [6]were blue in 2020
# = trending purple [TX]
^ = blue [NY]

Info from:

Edit to add: please let me know if you see any mistakes. I did not double check. Blue/purple/red designations are from memory.

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