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From an old hippie

Donít lose your empathy for the right wing. They might indeed be (mostly) impossible to convince. The main point is to not let them change you into a mirror image of them. We are the party of empathy, of caring about the neediest of us. And it would be good if you could extend that to them. Love, for lack of a better word, is powerful and can change minds. This is our super power.

This is the first op I have done for years.

Edit: what Iím thinking about is any one on one interaction. I think itís better to treat that person with respect and listen to them without trying to zing them. As a group, itís better to try to see their perspective rather than cutting them down with stereotypes about southern hillbillies and such. Itís just off putting and not productive. I like country music and kind of admire people who get their living from growing things. Education is good and I trust my intellect more than my gut feelings or common sense, but the large majority of people donít and thatís not bad really.

Remember that the powers that be are trying to divide us but we all have a common enemy: the rich and powerful.
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