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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 58,574

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

I kicked a hornets' nest in GD:P.

Can't we all just get along?...

A plea for reason: Regardless of your favored candidate, vote Democratic this fall!

That is all.

Since the year 2000:

1. We have declared war on a country that was no threat to us. We laid waste to the entire nation of Iraq, and then proclaimed: "You're free now! Aren't we great?"

2. We ignored the mastermind of September 11th, and allowed him to remain a free man for nearly 10 years. President Bush himself breezily declared "He isn't that important."

3, We have endorsed torture as an interrogation method, despite testimony from experts who state that torture yields little, if any, usable information.

4. A U.S state, Arizona, has instituted a "papers, please" law that authorizes police officers to detain anyone they suspect of not being a US citizen. The Gestapo would be proud.

5. American mosques are routinely vandalized or burned down.

6. Anyone wearing a turban or other religious head-covering can be attacked without warning for no reason, even non-Muslims.

7. Mass shootings take place every single day in this country, most often by increasingly paranoid, disaffected, or crazed men with ridiculously easy access to guns.

8. Mainstream politicians are doing nothing to curb public misperceptions that lead to these tragedies, and even in the name of electoral success, often add fuel to the fire.

9. Teachers, TEACHERS, are being castigated as 'union thugs', even as their resources for teaching our students are being legislated away more and more severely.

10. Municipal water supplies are being deliberately poisoned by elected officials in the name of budget consciousness.

Make America great again? Screw Donald Trump! I want America to be GOOD again...

An entrancing scene from an otherwise highly-flawed film:

From Legend:

Jack asks for forgiveness for inadvertently causing the death of one of the film's two unicorns.

The music and the cinematography are perfect; the scene is so moving, I'm willing to forgive the fact that Tom Cruise is in it...

Saturday, February 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

"Never did mockers waste more idle breath."

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene 2, Line 168.

I felt like Dr. House in clinic today. Bear with me.

I have a patient who has been experiencing fainting episodes for about 18 months. The VA is convinced it is due to injuries the patient sustained sixteen years before the symptoms presented. Doesn't make a lot of sense. A prior report by a neurologist states the evidence obtained from CT imaging doesn't correspond to the clinical symptoms.

I've looked everything over, and the other day, I had a brainstorm: has he ever been evaluated for narcolepsy? Today, I obtained a new history from the patient, trying to suss out if he has risk factors for narcolepsy. I've started a workup for that diagnosis. If my diagnosis is correct, we can start treating him. If I'm wrong, at least we've ruled another condition out. My patient was happy that at least someone is exerting a little brain-power on the problem...

Friday night wine-buzz. Yellow Tail Shiraz. Nobody had better DARE post anything risque!...

Saturday, February 20th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

"I was never so bethumped with words
Since I first called my brother's father dad."

King John, Act II, Scene 1, Lines 466-467.

I just polished off an entire bottle of Mendoza Malbec, Argentina 2014. I should be spanked...

If nothing else, going from a conservative to a moderate bench

should get the Supreme Court out of the business of choosing the President.
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