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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Dakota
Home country: US of A
Current location: Kansas City MO
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,592

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It does not matter where in the political spectrum one adheres. The same rules of right and wrong, good and evil applies to everyone. Our greatest danger of extinction comes from those that think the rules do not apply to them. www.timws.com

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Sounds good to me.

There are several groups around here that are trying to remake DU into their own image with harassing alerts, alerted only because they disagree, or because a certain poster had the audacity to post something, even though anyone else posting the same thing would gone unnoticed.
Alerts on words on a personal, unlisted "banned" word list, regardless of context. Especially if the say DU has decided...
Alerts on posters that don't, in the alerter's opinion, support Obama wildly enough.
Alerts by those that see misogyny in anything a openly male posts that can be construed as even slightly sexist, even to the extent of inventing reasons for the alleged sexism.
Don't forget alerts by the 3rd way people and their right of center support of "Democrats". And their subtle undermining of Liberal and Progressive causes.
I'm sure there are more in the same vein, but those are on my radar at the moment.

There definitively need to be be a cost for any alerter with too many 6/0 and 5/1 to leave. The definition "Troll" comes to mind with some of the harassing alerts I have seen. Every bit as troll worthy as any 'Vote for Mitt, he's gonna save the world' post by any of the one post wonders.
There really does need to be a cost involved with too many bad alerts. That would really cut down on that sucking sound we are hearing around here.
How about a check box for the jurors to check to help the program keep track of bad alerts. If the box is checked by all the 'Vote to Leave' jurors and if the result is 6/0 or 5/1 to leave, dock the alerter after X number of times of this nonsense, by revoking their alerting privileges for a month or so... And that is only for the FIRST time. Double it for each time after that, that the alerting privileges are revoked. This should quickly weed out the abusers.

Maybe that will put a stop to the various groups that are trying to remake DU into their own image.

Yes dear. Whatever you say.

Your problem is about the breasts of people who have willingly exposed them.
There would not have been a problem with you, if they had kept their T-shirts on, correct? So yeah, it is about the breasts of the women who have exposed themselves. Actually, it is more exposing the nipples. Plenty of breast can normally be see on any public street.
Objectifying? No, the video is about breast cancer. The object was to get people's attention and they did in spades. Why? Because of prudish attitudes of many people. Too bad some can't see the message itself, which is not exposure of the fuzzed out area, but about the possible cancer in the breast, that the fuzzed out area conceals. That fuzzed out area also calls attention to the upper chest, much more clearly than the exposed breast itself would have.
Why no mention of the bare legs? That used to be a big no-no to expose them at one time. Are exposed female legs also objectifying women?

How much do you want to bet, the unfuzzed bare breasts in that spot, were shown unfuzzed and exposed in over the air national TV in Europe?

Meh, they don't care except when the prudes loudly object. That's when they learn there might be something wrong with the human body and learn to objectify parts of it.

From LTTE:"More white male desire to control"

To follow his use of the “logic” of generalization, VanderMeulen’s letter beautifully illustrates this nation’s classic privileged white male belief that he should be able to control a woman’s body. His conflation of abortion with the death penalty is illogical, and his callous suggestion that it is just a matter of “location” illustrates a disturbing lack of empathy.

Regardless of whether one believes life begins at conception, the emphasis should be upon the mental and emotional well-being of the rape victim, not upon the continued control and violation of her body.


Well stated. This needs to be spread around.

It was pretty common knowledge that Rick Berg(R) was involved with Goldmark Property Management,

with the employees there.
I lived in a Goldmark apartment for 15 years. Rick Berg was never spoken of with affection. Not by the tenants and not by the apartment manager or the maintenance people.

Rick Berg is backing away from any involvement with Goldmark, saying Heidi Heitkamp is running false attack ads against him.
Watch his vidio, he is non-committal when ask if he will seek legal means to stop the ads (5:04 in). He will only say he wants Heidi to stop running the ads.


VIDEO: Past reports challenge Berg's claim of 'no involvement' with firm cited in Heitkamp attack ad

FARGO – Rep. Rick Berg said Thursday he was never involved in the property management firm skewered in a new ad from Heidi Heitkamp in the race for North Dakota Senate, but his past statements call that assertion into question.

A spokesman said Berg, a Republican, stands by his claim and that Heitkamp, a Democrat, hadn’t produced proof otherwise.


Goldmark Property Management was originally incorporated by Berg and other partners 30 years ago as Midwest Management Company. Berg left in 1987 to pursue commercial real estate ventures, according to company documents provided by the Berg campaign.


VIDEO: Past reports challenge Berg's claim of 'no involvement' with firm cited in Heitkamp attack ad

Rick Berg said Thursday he was never involved in the property management firm skewered in a new ad from Heidi Heitkamp in the race for North Dakota Senate, but his past statements call that assertion into question.

Let's carry this PC crap to the extreme and

include all the wing-nut conservative, tea-baggers, Todd Akin/Paul Ryan/Karl Rove/Richard Bruce Cheney types, etc., regardless of behavior, what they say and what they are pushing for, in our Big tent. They are just like us, correct? They need our sympathy and we need to be empathic toward them. After all, they think they are normal too, no matter how destructive their tactics.
What could possible go wrong by not educating ourselves and pointing out the causes of their self-centered, reality challenged, paranoid, abnormal, unhealthy perspectives that are behind the damage they are causing and want to cause? No biggie here, right?
Why we might have friends or relatives with some of the same symptoms and some of us might get upset to be reminded that not only do good people have mental health issues, but even people we know may have some of the same issues. Why even ourselves! So let's just sweep it all under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind, correct? Can't see it, don't exist. Problem solved, no matter how obvious and destructive the symptoms.
After all, the far Right means well and only have differing opinions and are just misunderstood and need our compassion and help by not pointing out the mental health issues that are behind their damaging behavioral differences and social problems.

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