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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Dakota
Home country: US of A
Current location: Kansas City MO
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,592

About Me

It does not matter where in the political spectrum one adheres. The same rules of right and wrong, good and evil applies to everyone. Our greatest danger of extinction comes from those that think the rules do not apply to them. www.timws.com

Journal Archives

Last night PBS had a 3 hour special on "MAKERS: WOMEN WHO MAKE AMERICA"

The story of the birth of the modern Womenís Movement. When Betty Friedanís The Feminine Mystique came out in 1963, millions of American women felt the constraints of 1950s post-war culture, which confined them to the home or to low-paying, dead end jobs. At the same time, another group of women were emerging from the anti-war and civil rights movement determined to achieve their own revolution.

It is in 3 parts. You can watch all three segments here:

Part One: Awakening
The story of the birth of the modern Womenís Movement. 57:43

Part Two: Changing the World
In the 1970s, feminism reshaped the relationships between men and women 54:31

Part Three: Charting a New Course
A focused look at the workplace, where women crashed through the glass ceiling. 55:42

This program is quite interesting and informative. There is also an in depth segment on why the Equal Rights Amendment failed.
The method used will be quite familiar, as they are being use on the rest of us today.

This right here, shines a light on our biggest problem.

If our battle against extremism means we have to surrender our constitutional rights to win, then we've already lost. The only question is what the terms of our surrender should be. You in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DHS are the greatest threat this nation has faced in it's entire history. That includes the burning of the White House during the war of 1812. That includes the Civil War. The Nazi's were a threat, but they would be slobbering in envy at the police state you and your colleagues have created.

The real solution for health insurance problems, inequity, etc., is...

Single Payer, Universal Health Care. Everyone above a predetermined income level, pays a percentage of there income for health care. Similar to Social Security or Medicare. Age, gender, sexual orientation, race and and any other differences, would not matter. Only income level. The well-to-do would pay more. The not so-well-to-do would pay less, or noting at all. Those below a certain income level would pay nothing. All would have access to the same health care. It is our Right.

We need to work to get rid of the "Your Money, or Your Life" middleman, health insurance companies.

We are all human. We should all have equal Rights, which means among other things, access to proper health care. Especially life saving health care.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Some here seem to think so.

All it takes is to be a member of the wrong group, or not be a member of "their" group.
It doesn't take much to see the loathing and scorn in some people's posts, when responding to "other".
Aren't we are all supposed to be more or less, on the same side here?

After my first post, where I did not see the HoF, I was defending my position.

Instead of responding to anything positive, or what anyone else here may agree with, what I see is certian HoF members searching for anything that can be taken as derogatory as proof I and others are anti whatever this group is for. And ignoring anything in agreement.
You (members of HoF) are not looking for unity or inclusion for those not a part of this group. On the contrary, it is derision you look for and respond to. No other place I have posted on DU, have I found such animosity - No matter the subject.

It doesn't matter that I have stated numerous times, that I am for full equal Rights for everyone. Women have a right to abortions. Equal pay for equal work and all the rest. Even right here in this thread. Something can always be found, in a word, phrase, purposeful misinterpretation, to denigrate those of us that have the audacity to not knuckle under and go along with the prevailing negativism here.

No, you take responsibility.

When HoF threads show up on the home page, expect the rest of DU to wade in with their opinions. Opinions that do not necessarily conform to the HoF Group's reason for being.

The only reason I posted in the first place was I did not see the HoF in the header. This thread was on the Home page. You know, like exposed to the real world? When that happens, you are going to get push-back, whether you like it or not. And apparently you don't.
The solution to not getting bush-back is not showing up on the Home Page. You Can't have it both ways.

"Take responsibility for yourself." - That's a two way street.

Maybe you should do more than skim my post.

Those are lessons learned over the years. I have an interest in Psychology, starting in high school. I've read books, articles. Attended meetings, that included both men and women. Even facilitating such meetings. People trying to handle the hurt of bad relationships, to heal and find out what went wrong, so it doesn't happen again. So it is not just one ex girl friend. Far from it.
Heaping anger, derision, denigration, put downs on others, begets anger, derision, denigration and put downs in return and does nothing to remedy the root problem of the person spreading such. In fact, makes the problems worse by spreading the hate and discontent to others they encounter.
So they get it back what they spread, in return, which bolster their conviction that they are indeed being oppressed, dumped on. Karma - How we treat others, comes back to us many-fold.

Also, if the members of HoF have a problem with the general population intruding into their Group, then may I suggest, not REC'd the OP, so it shows up on the home page. But, alas, the would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? Why be oppressed, if one can't advertise it and use it as a club on others?

Feminism in general, yes.

Equal Rights for everyone. That means equal pay, equal responsibility, proper health care and equal everything else that matters. I can see no excuse for not having actual equality for everyone, no matter your gender, gender preference, skin color, ancestry, or anything else.

Do I mean some women's definition of what Feminism is? Not necessarily. Some of what is billed as Feminism is counter productive. For instance, the 'In Your Face' type Feminist, when their target is someone, usually a man and because he is a man, even though he understands, agrees and is trying to help, the man is attacked as an enemy to the cause anyway, no matter what he is saying, or trying to do to help. They seem to be looking for that word or a phrase, they can take exception to and they usually don't read or listen any farther... They have found their excuse to unload.

There needs to be a part six

Part six: I'm Sorry That You Are in Pain, But Please Stop Taking It Out on Men

Explaining why some women are their own worst enemy, when it comes to relationships.

Most of us men are NOT the problem, until you make it self-fulfilling. Stop painting the men you come across with a broad brush. We are as individual as women are. If all, or most of the men in your life treat you badly, for whatever reason, you should go look in the mirror for that reason. Either you are looking in the wrong places for men friends/relationships, or... You are the problem and they are just reacting to the way YOU are treating them.

I know what I am talking about here. I was in a relationship once (Just once) where i thought everything was just fine for several years. And every this was good. Then the mind games started. I had trouble accepting, as in, wrapping my mind around, what she was doing. There was a 3 minute Dating party, that fell through for her, only because 2 men she had invited, failed to show up. The party itself went fine. A couple of other times we went shopping for whatever. The real reason being, so she could scope out a salesman she was interested in. Or the weekend I went to visit my Dad, who lived 200 miles away. She ask me to pickup some brand of coffee they did not sell in Fargo. She chose this weekend to entertain her new boyfriend. I found out when I got back. Then there was all the piddly stuff in between, I have since forgotten.
This was the only women I needed counseling to uncouple from. I had trouble believing anyone could treat anyone else with this level of disrespect, when I had done nothing to deserve it.
Why was she like this? Because she had been in an emotionally and physically abusive, 20 year marriage and she absolutely refused to get help, counseling. I even offered to pay for it. No dice. And I am sure that my first name and he ex's first name being the same, didn't help any.
I paid the price, as did several other men she dated. She could only hold it together for so long, till the pressure built up. What made it worse was she could not let go of me because I treated her with respect. I specifically ask her once and she told me there were 3 or 4 men that treated her well, as I did. I don't emotionally abuse people. That is not my nature.
She would call me many months or even a year later, wanting to see me again. She was a good talker. This one relationship has made me sensitive to the danger signs. (There is a group here on DU loudly posting with those danger signs.) My advantage is, I see people as individuals. Women are people. Men are people. All people are individuals.

Now back to the modified excerpt: When one person with unresolved issues gets into a relationship, they spread their damage, their baggage, to the other person. It takes a toll on the other person. Now we have two people with problems. All too often, after the breakup, they think they are now OK because the relationship is over. Or 5 years has passed, or whatever. No so. The damage stays with both of them, because they are in denial of even having a problem. It is always the other person/people that has the problem. The baggage builds. Now we have two people in denial spreading their dysfunctions on to others. And back and forth it goes between the genders, as each gets into another relationship. Each always blaming the other gender, the other person, as being the problem. The broad brush --

There is help out there. More people should take advantage of it.

(Just to be clear, this post is not directed at Boston Bean.)

What may be trivial to you, may be of vital importance to me.

Let me decide what I want to know about and what to skip over.
I am getting more than a little annoyed at people that have so little self control that they want to force their compensation remedies on everyone else. I don't have that problem. Let it all hang out and let everyone else pick and choose what they want to read. DU is too diverse to censer it down for the few, or the one.
You live in one place and I live in another, a thousand miles away. Something happens here. You don't care, so what? Don't read it.
But the guy across the street from you may care, because he used to live here, or still has family here, or is just interested in happenings like what just happened. That is what is wrong with your proposal.
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