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The Curious World of Donald Trumps Private Russian Connections

Even before the November 8 election, many leading Democrats were vociferously demanding that the FBI disclose the fruits of its investigations into Putin-backed Russian hackers. Instead FBI Director Comey decided to temporarily revive his zombie-like investigation of Hillary’s emails. That decision may well have had an important impact on the election, but it did nothing to resolve the allegations about Putin. Even now, after the CIA has disclosed an abstract of its own still-secret investigation, it is fair to say that we still lack the cyberspace equivalent of a smoking gun.

Fortunately, however, for those of us who are curious about Trump’s Russian connections, there is another readily accessible body of material that has so far received surprisingly little attention. This suggests that whatever the nature of President-elect Donald Trump’s relationship with President Putin, he has certainly managed to accumulate direct and indirect connections with a far-flung private Russian/FSU network of outright mobsters, oligarchs, fraudsters, and kleptocrats.

Any one of these connections might have occurred at random. But the overall pattern is a veritable Star Wars bar scene of unsavory characters, with Donald Trump seated right in the middle. The analytical challenge is to map this network—a task that most journalists and law enforcement agencies, focused on individual cases, have failed to do.
Of course, to label this network “private” may be a stretch, given that in Putin’s Russia, even the toughest mobsters learn the hard way to maintain a respectful relationship with the “New Tsar.” But here the central question pertains to our new Tsar. Did the American people really know they were putting such a “well-connected” guy in the White House?

Members of Congress Want to Ban Vinpocetine Including Claire McCaskill.

Vinpocetine is made from the seeds of Periwinkle flower and is effective for Alzheimer's, dementia and it's helping me quite a bit with tinnitus.

Because it's in synthesized form McCaskill says it's no longer a supplement - she has concerns about some studies that show some brands have hardly any in it but won't say which ones. She wants big pharma to take over like in countries like Japan where a RX is needed.

This dietary supplement supports brain health and is entirely safe, yet the FDA still wants to remove it from sale
About a month ago we alerted our customers of an FDA plan to ban the sale of vinpocetine, an effective and entirely safe dietary supplement. The comment period on the Federal Register has passed, so now, we’re asking Congress to put a stop to this ludicrous plan.

Please ask your members of Congress to write to the FDA, asking the FDA where it gets the authority to remove a supplement from the market that has been approved and safely used as a dietary supplement for almost 20 years and conduct an economic analysis of this ban.

See more at: https://www.naturalgrocers.com/blog/advocacy-alerts/action-alert-protect-your-access-to-vinpocetine/#sthash.g20XkQQU.dpuf

Comment period is coming to an end, here's a link to a site that will automatically send comment - https://www.naturalgrocers.com/blog/advocacy-alerts/action-alert-protect-your-access-to-vinpocetine/

Vinpocetine is a derivative of the alkaloid vincamine. Like vincamine, it is found in small amounts in the seeds of periwinkle as well as other plants, such as voaconga and Crioceras longiflorus. Throughout the world, vincamine has been used to treat senile dementia with significant success. Studies have found vinpocetine to demonstrate many of the same functions as those of vincamine, but without the side effects. Moreover, it has been shown to be at least two times (and up to three or four times) more potent than vincamine for improving cerebral circulation, memory, and other functions in humans. No interactions with pharmaceutical drugs have been reported.

How does vinpocetine work?
Numerous scientific studies have shown vinpocetine to be of benefit for the prevention and improvement of many different kinds of ailments. It enhances cognitive functions, including those involving long- and short-term memory, and it has also been shown to be valuable in protecting heart, visual, and hearing functions, among other benefits.

If you're looking for more information about Vinpocetine, get the Vinpocetine Special Report, click here.

In broadest terms, vinpocetine is a powerful memory enhancer. It achieves this principally by facilitating cerebral metabolism and improving blood flow in the brain. It works by causing mild dilation of blood vessels, thereby allowing for increased cerebral blood flow, which results in increased oxygenation and glucose utilization.

This makes vinpocetine an ideal candidate not only for the improvement and prevention of certain disease processes in need of increased blood flow and oxygenation, but also for athletes who want to enhance their performance by increasing brain oxygenation, such as skiers, mountain climbers, and high-altitude hikers.

In addition to more efficient brain circulation, vinpocetine has been found to increase brain-cell energy through its effect on the production of ATP (the cellular energy molecule).

Since many brain disorders have been found to be caused by poor circulation or by neuronal damage due to inadequate oxygen and inadequate amounts of energy, it makes sense to consider vinpocetine in one's daily cognitive supplement program.

What benefits can I expect?
Acclaim for vinpocetine's use is widespread throughout the world - in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and elsewhere. Unequivocally, vinpocetine has some extraordinary characteristics. There is strong evidence that vinpocetine can help:

Improve Cognition

Improve memory, long- and short-term
Enhance alertness, awareness, and preparedness
Act as a neuroprotector
Prevent or reverse ischemic (lack of oxygen) damage to brain, muscle, liver, and elsewhere
Diminish senile cerebral dysfunction
Improve Hearing Function
Prevent or relieve hearing loss due to various causes
Prevent or relieve tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears)
Prevent or relieve vertigo (dizziness)
Improve Visual Function
Improve night vision
Improve wound healing of eyes due to burns
Prevent or relieve glaucoma
Prevent or improve age-related macular decline
Improve Cardiovascular Function
Diminish atherosclerotic plaque
Improve cardiac output and nutritive blood flow to various organs
Improve dilation of blood vessels
Increase the flexibility of red blood cells
Scavenge toxic metals in the body, such as aluminum and lead

Breaking News - Sanders now willing to work with TRUMP to raise the min. wage to 10.00 dollars


Why Was Sanders ColoradoCare Rejected 80/20

To those of you who think Sanders would have trounced Trump I ask - Why did Colorado reject the plan he campaigned for and endorsed lose such huge margins?

Hillary Speaking Live Now


Hillary About to Speak - live feed


My Discussion w/ Millennials @ The Dispensary

As you all know Colorado is booming with newbies especially Millennials due to the marijuana industry.
There are no old folks working in this industry so the dispensaries and grow warehouses are breeding grounds for Bernie/Bust movement.

All these kids I spoke to yesterday are brand new to Colorado and swear they will not vote or will write in Bernie come November.

I asked why would you want to see Colorado turn to being a RED state again?


These kids had no idea George Bush won Colorado twice - the first time by A LOT. They are under the impression that since we legalized marijuana Colorado is solid blue.

What I heard from them was a Bernie Sanders speech. They've heard it so many times they know it by heart. None expect Sanders to endorse Hillary much less campaign for her and if he does...well under the bus and heads will explode.


Violence. Death threats. Vile, misogynistic names screamed at women. Rage. Hatred. Menacing, anonymous phone calls to homes and offices. Public officials whisked offstage by security agents frightened of the growing mob. None of this has any place in a political campaign. And the candidate who has been tolerating this obscene behavior among his supporters is showing himself to be unfit for office.

So, Senator Sanders, either get control of what is becoming your increasingly unhinged cult or get out of the race. Whatever respect sane liberals had for you is rapidly dwindling, and the damage being inflicted on your reputation may be unfixable. If you can’t even manage the vicious thugs who act in your name, you can’t be trusted to run a convenience store, much less the country.

When Bernie Sanders launched his presidential campaign, he seemed to be the kind of candidate who would inspire voters from the liberal blocs of the Democratic Party, push the party leftward and influence the future direction of politics—either as the nominee or as a force for change. But Sanders has increasingly signaled that he is in this race for Sanders, and day after day shows himself to be a whining crybaby with little interest in a broader movement. His vicious—and often ridiculous—attacks on the party whenever he doesn’t win a contest have inspired a level of ignorant fanaticism among a large swath of his supporters that is becoming more akin to what might be seen at an out-of-control rally for Donald Trump. Signs are emerging that the Sanders campaign is transmogrifying into the type of movement through which tyrants are born.

The ugly was on display at the recent state convention of the Nevada Democratic Party, where Hillary Clinton won more delegates than Sanders. Now, this should hardly have been a surprise to anyone except the Sandernistas, whose certainty in their righteousness has overwhelmed any commitment they may have ever had to democracy. Sanders lost the Nevada caucuses in February by more than 5%. A rational person who cared about the will of the people would presume that Clinton would emerge from the state with the most delegates. But Sanders supporters were outraged—outraged!—that the person with the largest number of votes ended up with the largest share of delegates.http://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-get-control-get-out-race-461195

DU Called Out - Progressive Sites

Digital Reconstruction: Evaluating "Progressive" Websites in the Wake of a Hillary Clinton Nomination

So when Bernie Sanders, a candidate known for his criticism of Barack Obama, chose to run for president, a number of sites jumped onboard his campaign much like several opportunistic critics of the president including Thom Hartmann, Cornel West, and Bill Press had chosen to do. After nearly a year on the campaign trail, the list of sites with a pro-Sanders slant has grown quite long with Salon, The Nation, Huffington Post, Raw Story, AlterNet, US Uncut, Democratic Underground, and Daily Kos remaining the most viable progressive sites to have gone full-in on Sanders' campaign but even neutral sites like Crooks and Liars have allowed themselves to be overrun by Bernie Sanders supporters. For the most part, these sites' pro-Sanders views have caused a self-exodus for the majority of Hillary Clinton supporters but these sites still have had to find ways to deal with some brave stragglers. At Digital Underground, the site has made the most of its "jury system" where pro-Clinton or anti-Sanders articles are randomly censored with no explanation given as to how or why a decision was reached. At Daily Kos, site founder Markos Moulitsas begged his site's community to unite behind Clinton after Super Tuesday. However, after a series of Sanders wins, the site has once again become overwhelmed by Bernie Sanders supporters and Moulitsas seems both unable and unwilling to enforce his plea for fear of losing out on an overwhelming part of his site's audience.


Texas Democrats defend Julián Castro From You Know

The Texas Democratic Party fired back Tuesday to defend Julián Castro after a number of progressive groups targeted the secretary of housing and urban development's fitness to be on the presidential ticket.

“Julian Castro has been a progressive champion for our families for years," Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement (all emphases in the original). "From championing Pre-K for San Antonio so every child -- even those in the poorest barrios of San Antonio -- can get ahead to passing a non-discrimination ordinance so that every person can feel safe and welcome in their city, Castro has a long-standing and indisputable record of progressive accomplishment."

POLITICO reported Tuesday on a coalition of groups, many of which are supporting Bernie Sanders, launching a preemptive campaign against Castro to disqualify him from consideration as Hillary Clinton's running mate.
“He’s been working hard to revitalize cities across America and making sure everyone has a shot at the American Dream," Hinojosa's statement continued. “Julian’s story and that of his brother Joaquin is a uniquely American story and one we should all be proud of," Hinojosa said, referring to the Castro's brother, who represents Texas' 20th congressional district. "Texas Democrats would be honored to stand by Julian Castro as the next Vice President. Que dios los bendiga.”
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Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/julian-castro-defended-texas-democrats-221846#ixzz461mu1SpB
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