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jaysunb's Journal
jaysunb's Journal
December 29, 2011

Democrats can not afford to lose the Senate

I expect President Obama to win a well deserved 2nd term, but if we don't work double overtime to see to it that we maintain the Senate, his second term will see even more (if that's possible) obstruction, only this time w/ more lethal effects.

I can't imagine the problems Obama would have getting judges appointed...especially, to the almost certain to be vacant Supreme Court seat.(s) We are never going to make any progress as long as the judicial systems remains in the throes of corporate and right wing America.

Elections matter. We must really focus on the Bigger picture. We quite possibly will win back the House, but we really need to put special focus on the slim margin we now enjoy in the Senate.

Get out and get involved. Fight! for what you believe in !

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