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Name: Jason B.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pasadena, Ca.
Home country: USA
Current location: Pasadena, Ca.
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,856

Journal Archives

I wept today....

I returned to the World from Vietnam 49 years ago last month. I was physically unhurt, but more than a little traumatized by my tour. I never considered that I may have suffered from PTSD, or any other service related illness that was recognized back then. I don't even remember being aware of that acronym. PTSD. I'm still not sure WHEN it was coined or when I first became aware of it's official designation. But I KNEW some of my brethren were having some real "head" issues. Not that I didn't have some pretty bad nightmares, and got real weepy over silly little things that made no sense, ( especially when drinking or getting stoned. ) but I was ok compared to many. After all, I was assigned to a MASH ( 7ih Surgical ) and did not face combat on a daily basis. I saw the results of said combat. Vicarious living......
We all have met or know of a combat Vet that suffers in some varying degree. My Grandson came home from Afghanistan about 4 years ago. By then, we all knew about PTSD. I knew the moment I hugged him he was suffering. I knew it was a permanent situation. Clearing IED's is a messy business. He's on the edge and I fear the moment.....
When I heard about Donald Trump's statement about sufferers of PTSD was because they/ we ? are WEAK ? it stopped me in my tracks. WEAK ?? WEAK?? You son of a bitch !!!!!

White hot rage !!

But I heard VP Biden speak this evening, and I wept. I wept for every one of my brothers I served with as well as those who followed. I wept for my grandson and his brothers. I wept for the families that sent whole men and women off to war and got back their bodies before losing them to booze and dope or whatever refuge they sought to escape the recurring dreams, sights and sounds that lives in their heads. THEY ARE NOT WEAK ! They're lots of things, but WEAK is not one of them.

Donald Trump, you are FUBAR... and at my advanced age, I'd still like to put my foot up your sorry ass.
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