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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 18,998

Journal Archives

In honor of Lou Reed...Set The Twilight Realing.

This done with Elvis Costello...and shows how he could play whith anyone...

Take me for what I am
a star newly emerging
Long simmering explodes
inside the self is reeling
In the pocket of the heart, in the rushing of the blood
in the muscle of my sex, in the mindful mindless love
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

At 5 am the moon and the sun
sit set before my window
Light glances off the blue glass we set
right before the window
And you who accept, in your soul and your head
what was misunderstood, what was thought of with dread
a new self is born, the other self dead
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

A soul singer stands on the stage
the spotlight shows him sweating
He sinks to one knee, seems to cry
the horn are unrelenting
But as the drums beats he finds himself growing hard
in the microphone's face he sees her face growing large
and the swelling crescendo no longer retards
I accept the new found man and set the twilight reeling

As the twilight sunburst gleams
as the chromium moon it sets
As I lose all my regrets
and set the twilight reeling
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

Mind Blowing Weapons Police Use on Protesters

Can we call it a police state yet?

Oh my, George Galloway: US in Bed w/ al-Qaeda & Christian Leaders

He has some not so nice things to say about all of this and he is going to make a documentary about it...and wants to take Micheal Moore's title away...go get em George.

Free Market Fun Sack!" From Culture in Decline Episode

Jerry Garcia - Tangled Up in Blue

Just to break up the depression of a world gone mad...because I like the song and the singer.

Orwell would be amazed.

Don’t start the revolution without me

I just watched Jessie Ventura on the intertude
He said he had a lot to say
But Shawn kept getting in the way

And when this thing had ended Shawn had to have the last word and said
Ain‘t you shamed you raggedy head..

Felt so down and out…wanted to write old Jessie a letter and say.
Oh Jessie you are such a cool guy and every thing you say is true, and you are not afraid….that is the most important part…not afraid…
You should run for president.

But then I came to….
and I think he already knew.
That they would squash him like a cockroach underfoot, and with the same regard you would feel for a cockroach.
Squash…Splat….get that mess out of my flat!

But if you are not too forward they will let you sell your book
Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me was what it said.
And on another show they commented that it had not started yet.
And I wanted you to say
“The revolution does not always start with a fight….the ones that are successful anyway…and when you get it right you never have to fight.

But time was up…had to run…
No time left….this clip is done
then they were gone.

And in my mind I was so disposed
To try to put this all in pros.
It’s hopeless it seems…except in dreams.
That we can change this world with a grand revolution…a bloodless one where the good wins out over the bad and all the tears are wiped away and justice is done for everyone….
But no that is not right…it is not hopeless
For I remember what the Bard once said
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”
And now off to bed.

Your Journal is empty!

So I fuess it is all lost and will never be found here again...Is that it?
I don't care much for me because I never did much with my journal and there is noting there that profound....but I think it is a tragity if posters like H2O man, Time For Change, Hissyspit and so many others that put so much time into it to have all that just thrown in the junk pile just so we could have something that looks diferent but does not seem to function much better that the old one...
But maybe I am worng and it is not all lost...we shal see.
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