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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 18,998

Journal Archives

You Don't Even Know You're A Slave

Well some of us don't.for sure...

The Divided Brain

I found this interesting, and explains a lot.
Not to mention the cool art work.

Shocking Proof The Media Doesn't Want You To Know!

Heads up Precious Parakeets and Parakeetas...this guy is great.

Will work for free...

This is long...2 hours, but it is a comprehensive look at what the future could be if we have the will to do it...hope you have the time to view it.

Remember the house stenographer that went crazy in the house?

well I found this person that noticed something that we or the media did not, and it makes you go hmmmm...

In honor of Lou Reed...Set The Twilight Realing.

This done with Elvis Costello...and shows how he could play whith anyone...

Take me for what I am
a star newly emerging
Long simmering explodes
inside the self is reeling
In the pocket of the heart, in the rushing of the blood
in the muscle of my sex, in the mindful mindless love
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

At 5 am the moon and the sun
sit set before my window
Light glances off the blue glass we set
right before the window
And you who accept, in your soul and your head
what was misunderstood, what was thought of with dread
a new self is born, the other self dead
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

A soul singer stands on the stage
the spotlight shows him sweating
He sinks to one knee, seems to cry
the horn are unrelenting
But as the drums beats he finds himself growing hard
in the microphone's face he sees her face growing large
and the swelling crescendo no longer retards
I accept the new found man and set the twilight reeling

As the twilight sunburst gleams
as the chromium moon it sets
As I lose all my regrets
and set the twilight reeling
I accept the new found man
and set the twilight reeling

Mind Blowing Weapons Police Use on Protesters

Can we call it a police state yet?

Oh my, George Galloway: US in Bed w/ al-Qaeda & Christian Leaders

He has some not so nice things to say about all of this and he is going to make a documentary about it...and wants to take Micheal Moore's title away...go get em George.

Free Market Fun Sack!" From Culture in Decline Episode

Jerry Garcia - Tangled Up in Blue

Just to break up the depression of a world gone mad...because I like the song and the singer.

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