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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 48,808

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mostly harmless

Journal Archives

Let us judge a man by his works

June Cleaver: Ward, wouldn't that be downright sneaky?
Ward Cleaver: Sure, it would. It's the only way we can survive as parents.

Obama Democrat

Beaver Cleaver: If I tell you you'll be mad at me.
Ward Cleaver: That's ridiculous. Now, come on, tell me.
Beaver Cleaver: I losted my money.
Ward Cleaver: Again! Oh, Beaver! Your mother and I have been very patient with you, but this habit of losing money has got to stop.
Beaver Cleaver: I told you you'd be mad at me.

Rockefeller Republican

Ward Cleaver: When you're young, there are some thing you have to learn. How to catch a baseball. And good table manners don't come too easily. But when you're a boy, losing things is one of the few lessons you don't have to learn. And that's our story tonight on "Leave it to Beaver."

Johnson Democrat (cause all the other Democrats have to learn the hard way you can't bargain with Republicans)

Wally Cleaver: [referring to Gilbert's dog] Hey, Beaver, Archie really went home, huh?
Beaver Cleaver: Sure, I told him, and he went. You know, it's a lot easier talking to dogs than it is to cats.
Ward Cleaver: Cats are very smart, though, Beaver. It's just that when you call someone Bootsy-Wootsy, he's inclined to be a little difficult.

Cheney Republican (cause unlike his boss, Dick Cheney never gave anyone an affectionately humiliating nickname)

Ward Cleaver: You know, Wally, when I went to high school, we used to have to wear a collar and tie to school everyday.

Reagan Republican (cute story, but factually inaccurate)

Wally Cleaver: [reading a newspaper on the living room couch] Hey, Dad, what's community property?
Ward Cleaver: Well, community property means that your mother owns half of everything I earn or own.
Wally Cleaver: What a gyp! No wonder women get married!

Truman Democrat (big on sharing the wealth, but a little lax on policing ethnic slurs)

June Cleaver: Ward Cleaver, you have no romantic instinct at all!
Ward Cleaver: Dear, I'm a married man!

Kennedy Democrat

June Cleaver: It certainly was a change. Yesterday, freckles was the biggest thing in his whole life.
Ward Cleaver: Yeah, well, that's one of the advantages of being a kid - the biggest problem in your life seldom lasts more than twenty-four hours.

William Henry Harrison Whig


Conclusion: Dude was all over the map. Probably had multiple writers putting words in his mouth, being himself an empty vessel for other people's economic aspirations. In other words, Ford Republican.

Whoa. I just fact-corrected someone on DU and, instead of digging in deeper, they agreed with me.

I'm a little taken back. I expect more hysterics and rhetorical theatrics from an internet discussion board.

Usually when I point out someone's inaccurate hyperbole, the response is to double down on their factlessness ("Well, I watch a LOT of PBS and I've seen incontrovertible evidence of alien influence on our Bill of Rights in dozens of documentaries--documentaries, might I add, with British-sounding narrators!" or they to try to justify their wild arguments with spurious lines of logic ("Oh really? And do you know just how many people have died of lung cancer since 1960? Far more than Hitler killed in the Holocaust, buddy-boy! And so, objectively speaking, second hand smoking is far worse than Naziism and Stalinism combined.".

Instead, however, one logical DUer today defied all my predispositions and simply conceded the point when confronted with facts. Frankly, I don't know what to do with this moment.

Perhaps I'll cry.
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