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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 48,808

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mostly harmless

Journal Archives

Santa's bogus socialism

Are there really "gifts for everyone according to their own needs"? I don't think so!! It's not socialism if you get gifts from Santa according to your parents' income. He's a crony capitalist.

Who appointed Santa Claus the world's gift-bestower? And what are the checks and balances on his enormous power over the world's children?

Is the magic toy workshop in compliance with OSHA standards? Are the elves unionized? Do we know if he's even following EEO hiring standards rather than just favoring elves over other job applicants?

How do even know if these so-called reindeer aren't being drugged so they can fly around the world in one night? PETA needs to investigate!!!

Another Day of Being a Terrible President

Source: Talking Points Memo

Most of the press commentary was that he ‘went off script’. But that’s not it exactly. On a live call he pressed the people he was talking to on gratuitously political points, asked hem to agree with him on trade deals or keeping bad people out of the country or even his pet peeves about new military technology he clearly doesn’t understand. As usual, he pressed them to agree with various false or nonsensical points.


Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/another-day-of-being-a-terrible-president

"Cozentina fence"

Can anyone point out any substantive criticism of Pelosi?

I'm just appalled that over a dozen members of the House are vowing not to support Nancy Pelosi for speaker this January. She's had a number of against the odds legislative successes as opposition leader, and when she was speaker before she ran a fair House.

Is there any reason at all given by critics other than a vague mention of "change"? I'm not saying only post criticisms you personally endorse. But is there any mention at all of any issues of politics or political management to justify replacing her?

Or is this just a Will Rogers moment? Does the Cat Party just automatically resist shows of herding like what the Party of Lemmings does?

People calling for Trump's impeachment remind me of Miguel Hidalgo

People calling for Trump's immediate impeachment and removal, confident that 20 Republican Senators will go along with it once they read Mueller's report, remind me of Miguel Hidalgo

When he started the Mexican War of Independence, Father Hidalgo was convinced that the righteousness of his cause would carry the day. And so he proceeded to go directly after his enemies with direct attacks, getting thousands of his followers slaughtered and himself arrested, tried by the Spanish Inquisition, and then executed.

Eventually, tactically savvy conservatives slowly took over the war for independence and established a monarchy and dictatorship in the wake of the chaos. Mexico had to wait another hundred years before it got a real Revolution

All because Miguel Hidalgo thought the righteousness of his cause meant he didn't have to use smart tactics to win. Or possibly, a lifetime reading Rousseau, Locke, and Montesquieu didn't leave him prepared for how to go about fighting a war.

The war for protecting the American Constitution is a war I want to wage non-violently, of course. But there are two tactical alternatives facing the resistance against Trump's fascism. One way is to dash toward immediate impeachment and hope we can get to a senate removal vote (based on evidence from the Mueller probe and public pressure from a perfectly informed and irate electorate).

This direct attack is like how Hidalgo would swarm the peones against the battlements, hoping that he had more peasants than the Spanish Army had bullets. It was not an effective strategy.

The other way takes more time. We have to win back our democracy democratically. We have to knock on doors, stir up votes, support progressive legislation in Congress, work for politics that improves people's lives, and earned the respect and support of the public we wish to serve.

Just as Miguel Hidalgo thought righteousness and a benevolent God would rescue his poorly armed peones from defeat, there are those of us who think a Congress from on high will come down, deus ex machina, and impeach away our troubles, thus saving the Republic.

I don't think we get off that easy. Our long march to Bataan will need to run through every voting precinct in every red, blue, and purple district of the country. We did good last Tuesday. We need to keep on keeping on, you keep on putting in the sweat, and do better in 2020.

Our children are counting on us

We live in a time of great uncertainty and confusion

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