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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 48,808

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mostly harmless

Journal Archives

Proof that Trump's "No Quid Pro Quo" Call Never Happened


Some impressive detective work from Just Security.

The “no quid pro quo” call did not take place on September 9th, as Sondland claimed at one point in his testimony; instead, it took place on September 7th. This is shown from the testimony of Tim Morrison, Senior Director for European Affairs for the National Security Council, and Charge D’Affaires Bill Taylor, both of whom were briefed on the call by Sondland shortly after it occurred.

This detail is critically important, not because the precise date of the call is significant in and of itself, but because of what it shows about the true content of that call – the substance of the conversation that Morrison and Taylor described in their testimony, and that Sondland omitted from his.


In his closed-door testimony, {NSC’s Senior Director for European Affairs} Morrison described how, on September 7th, he received a call from Sondland, who wanted to update him on a call he had just had with President Trump:
In the phone call, he told me that he had just gotten off the phone — the September 7th phone call — ... with the President... And he wanted to tell me what he had discussed with the President. … He told me that there was no quid pro quo, but President Zelenskyy must announce the opening of the investigations and he should want to do it.
(Morrison Depo. at 190) (emphasis added)

Does anyone have links to explorable virtual worlds online?

I'm able to find all sorts of links to software and articles about virtual tours and 3d environments, but no actual examples online.

skullduggery is afoot

Prediction: 2020 is gonna be crazy as shit

and 2021 can only be a let down.

Like that morning-after feeling you get when you have to clean up after a wicked party and you're not exactly sure what happened, but you keep finding "evidence"
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