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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 48,808

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mostly harmless

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A friend who's for Sanders just told me "I'm only Bernie or bust for the primaries"

I love this! I think that's how 99% of Berners are. We've seen too much hair rending over whether any Democrat will failed to show up in November. Regardless of the nominee, it's our job to make the case that this is how we save democracy. It's not forces outside of our control that will divide the forces against Trump

I wasn't particularly fond of Biden or Bernie as a nominee when this campaign started. But honestly, I've warmed up to both of them. Whoever we nominate, I will joyfully support.

(Maybe you don't know it yet, but you will too)

You know that Twilight Zone alien from "To Serve Man"?

If the Democrats nominated him, I'd vote for him. I mean sure, he'd eat a few of us, maybe send a few more of us to his home planet to broil up for Festivus dinner. At the end of the day, he's just a farmer and a farmer wants his livestock to thrive.

By any objective measure, he'd be a better president than Donald Trump

So shut up with your "I can't vote for Bernie" or "I can't vote for Biden" cause if you think that way, either you don't belong on DU or you don't even realize yet you're full of shit.

Mutant goat born with human face worshipped as a divine avarar


At least in India they didn't elect it president

poor Dmitry Medvedev

15 years as Putin's whipping boy -- Vladimir even let him play president once -- and now nothing to show for it. Why do bad things have to happen to good lickspittles?

I took a candidate matching quiz online and I agree with Donald Trump...

...on 9% of the issues, according to ISideWith.com.

Ahead of him I matched with
Buttigieg (95%)
Sanders (94%)
Klobuchar (94%)
Warren (93%)
Steyer (89%)
Yang (89%)
Biden (88%)
Gabbard (86%)
Bloomberg (83%)
Delaney (75%)

It's strange that Bloomberg was the lowest scoring mainstream Dem for me on this survey, as he was in a four-way tie for 2nd place on the WaPo site's matching quiz. There, I agreed most with...
(12) Steyer
(11) Biden - Bloomberg - Buttigieg - Klobuchar (so basically the ones who have a B in their last name and don't worship dictators)
(10) Yang
(9) (!!) Warren
(7) Sanders
(4) Gabbard
(1) whoever decided reality shows should replace sitcoms
(-3) Barney the Dinosaur
(-8) Adolf Hitler
(-11) Adolf Hitler's evil twin
(-17) Donald Trump

(NB: a few of those scores I had to interpolate from external data sources)

In other words, these online assessments are enlightening, helpful in focusing on what issues are most important to me, and not reliable for matching you with a candidate. But the bottom line is that I'm above 75% as a match with any given Democrat. I can comfortably support whoever our nominee is.

There's reasons to argue and debate, but not really all that much worth becoming angry about before August. I'll be content with whoever our nominee is.

Is it just me, or does Rod Blagojevich look like the lost Monkee?

Hey hey... !!!

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