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OP because it matters and should serve as a reminder for all of to THINK before we act.

Final word-
I have contacted the person who has repeatedly been named
as the source if this FUBAR situation to me in PMs by various parties who shall NOT
be revealed, as I am, if nothing else, a woman of my word in that area of my life.

I am willing to hear ALL sides of the situation, but for now, believe that
should be done in private until an agreement can be reached as to the best
way to resolve this cluster fuck.

I apologize to all who think I am just a "shit stirrer."
You have no idea how complicated the situation is or the position I have been put in
as far as protecting people's private posts to me.

I do not however, regret bringing this situation to light.
May we all grow from the experience and come together as a
community to heal.

That is my sincere hope for all of us.
Respectfully to ALL.

OP: Now locked because no good will come of further discussion about this matter at this point.

"I will not name names, but I will tell the community the details as I understand them to be.
All parties involved will remain anonymous.

Firstly, let me say to the offender/s, HAVE you NO shame or sense of decency?

You have lurked in the Mental Health forum and sent PMs to other members about
what you have learned about other people's medical struggles.


Mental illness is a very real and difficult struggle for many people-
both those afflicted and the family members who love and support them.

Above all, WE in the Mental Health Group, love and support one another through our battles
with mental illness, in ourselves and our family members.

To think that ANY, member on DU would lurk in our "safe space" to gather personal medical information to hurt one of us
to suit a personal agenda is DESPICABLE to me.

I sincerely hope you are never faced with dealing with mental illness.
In the meantime, show some decency for those of us who are.

And again- SHAME on you.
You are the slime of humanity to reveal private suffering to achieve your agenda
to exclude members who fight bravely on a daily basis to survive.

I am so disgusted by this break from decency among certain members that I can't
say anymore, except, you are despicable human beings.


PLEASE understand that I was completely devastated when I posted this OP.
I am the mother of a BP and admit to all that my mothering instincts for another young woman with BP
overcame my father's advice to me to not speak from an emotional state, but a reasoned one.
Thank you for adding this to your consideration of my OP.
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