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Thousands Gather In Washington For Anti-NSA 'Stop Watching Us' Rally - GuardianUK

Thousands gather in Washington for anti-NSA 'Stop Watching Us' rally
Statement from whistleblower Edward Snowden read to crowd featuring groups from left and right of political spectrum

Jim Newell in Washington - theguardian.com
Saturday 26 October 2013 17.06 EDT

The Rest: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_sort=video_date_uploaded&search_query=stop+watching+us


Thousands gathered by the Capitol reflection pool in Washington on Saturday to march, chant, and listen to speakers and performers as part of Stop Watching Us, a gathering to protest "mass surveillance" under NSA programs first disclosed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Billed by organizers as "the largest rally yet to protest mass surveillance", Stop Watching Us was sponsored by an unusually broad coalition of left- and right-wing groups, including everything from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Green Party, Color of Change and Daily Kos to the Libertarian Party, FreedomWorks and Young Americans for Liberty.

The events began outside Union Station, a few blocks away from the Capitol. Props abounded, with a model drone hoisted by one member of the crowd and a large parachute carried by others. One member of the left-wing protest group Code Pink wore a large Barack Obama mascot head and carried around a cardboard camera. Organizers supplied placards reading "Stop Watching _____", allowing protesters to fill in their own name – or other slogans and occasional profanities. Homemade signs were more colorful, reading "Don't Tap Me, Bro" "Yes, We Scan" and "No Snitching Allowed".

"They think an open government means our information is open for the taking," David Segal of Demand Progress, an internet activist group, said to kick off events. As the march proceeded from Union Station to the Capitol reflecting pool, the crowd sang various chants, from "Hey hey, ho ho, mass surveillance has got to go" to "They say wire tap? We say fight back!"

David Reed, of Maryland, said he felt compelled to show up because of the "apathy" he sees among much of the public towards whistleblowers. Reed said he attended the trial of Chelsea Manning, the military whistleblower who leaked thousands of State Department cables to Wikileaks, as an observer, and was "disappointed that so few people showed up".

"The courtroom only held about 30 people, and there were few days that it was filled up," said Reed, who described himself as "just a concerned citizen". "We just stand by and watch."


More: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/26/nsa-rally-stop-watching-washington-snowden

NBC... You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves...

I'm all for positive experiences for kids... but THIS ???

Walmart heiress brings art to Arkansas youth
When you think of Arkansas, art may not be the first word to come to mind but don’t tell that to Walmart heiress Alice Walton who has built a world class art museum on the edge of the Ozarks, attracting millions of visitors in recent years. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

Link to Pro-Propaganda For The Walton Heirs: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40153870/vp/53383966#53383966

I'm Sorry... But For Some Reason... I Cannot Dance On DFK's Grave...

Bad form and all...

Plus the sensitive pettiness of it all.

Obama's Top Economic Adviser Tells Democrats They'll Have to Swallow Entitlement Cuts - Bloomberg

Obama's Top Economic Adviser Tells Democrats They'll Have to Swallow Entitlement Cuts
By Joshua Green _ Bloomberg
October 25, 2013


This morning, Gene Sperling, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, appeared before a Democratic business group for what was billed as a speech about the economy after the shutdown, followed by a Q&A session. The White House didn’t push this as a newsmaking event, so it didn’t get much billing. But I went anyway, and I was struck by what Sperling had to say, especially about the upcoming budget negotiations that are a product of the deal to reopen the government.

In his usual elliptical and prolix way, Sperling seemed to be laying out the contours of a bargain with Republicans that’s quite a bit different that what most Democrats seem prepared to accept. What stood out to me was how he kept winding back around to the importance of entitlement cuts as part of a deal, as if he were laying the groundwork to blunt liberal anger. Right now, the official Democratic position is that they’ll accept entitlement cuts only in exchange for new revenue—something most Republicans reject. If Sperling mentioned revenue at all, I missed it.

But he dwelt at length—and with some passion—on the need for more stimulus, though he avoided using that dreaded word. He seemed to hint at a budget deal that would trade near-term “investment” (the preferred euphemism for “stimulus’) for long-term entitlement reform. That would be an important shift and one that would certainly upset many Democrats.

Here’s some of what Sperling had to say. He led off with the importance of entitlement cuts. (All emphasis is mine):


More: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-10-25/obamas-top-economic-adviser-tells-democrats-theyre-going-to-have-to-swallow-entitlement-cuts

Banker: Goes Without Saying Detroit Must Cut Pensions - Reuters?MSNBC

Banker: Goes without saying Detroit must cut pensions
Published: Friday, 25 Oct 2013 | 2:33 PM ET


Cuts to Detroit's public pensions and retiree healthcare were inevitable given the city's sagging finances, a top consultant for the city testified on Friday during the third day of a trial to determine whether the city is eligible for bankruptcy.

Money owed to Detroit workers and retirees is a key factor in the case, which will also hear testimony by Kevyn Orr, Detroit's state-appointed emergency manager. Orr is expected to explain efforts to negotiate with the city's numerous creditors, including retirees and pension funds, before deciding to file for the largest-ever Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy on July 18.

A key claim made by attorneys representing the city's unions, retirees and pension funds is that Orr and his team were intent on filing for bankruptcy and did not make best efforts to negotiate with them prior to the bankruptcy filing. They also claim that plans to cut pensions would violate the Michigan Constitution.

On Friday, city financial consultant Kenneth Buckfire said he did not have to recommend to Orr that pensions for the city's retirees be cut as a way to help Detroit navigate through debts and liabilities that total $18.5 billion.

More: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101144718

7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan Near Fukushima - MSNBC

7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan near Fukushima
By Elizabeth Chuck, Staff Writer, NBC News

A map of a magnitude-7.3 earthquake which struck 231 miles off the eastern coast of Japan.


A 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook Japan early Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quake was off the Fukushima region of Japan, 231 miles east off the island of Honshu. It was 6.2 miles deep, officials said, hit at 3:10 a.m. Saturday local time and was felt 300 miles away in Tokyo.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported a one-foot tsunami was observed after it issued a yellow-colored warning Saturday morning, meaning a small tsunami could reach the coast at Fukushima, site of Japan's 2011 nuclear power plant disaster.

There were no immediate reports of damage from the temblor, which Japanese authorities classified as ranging from magnitude 6.8 to 7.1. No irregularities were reported at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. A spokesman at Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), which operates the plant, told Reuters some workers had been told to evacuate to higher ground.

A yellow warning is issued when a tsunami is not expected to exceed three feet, significantly smaller than the tsunami that hit the energy plant in March 2011. Yellow tsunami advisories are the lowest of three categories of alert issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, below red-colored tsunami warnings and purple-colored major tsunami warnings.

No warning for the rest of the Pacific was posted by the U.S. Tsunami Warning Center after the quake.


Link: http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/25/21150222-73-magnitude-earthquake-hits-japan-near-fukushima?lite

UPDATE: Wisconsin Jails Pregnant Woman And Gives Her Fetus – But Not Her – A Lawyer - RawStory

Wisconsin jails pregnant woman and gives her fetus – but not her – a lawyer
By Travis Gettys - RawStory
Friday, October 25, 2013 12:48 EDT

At her initial hearing, her attorneys say, the judge told Belran that she would not have an attorney present but one had been appointed to represent her fetus.

Link: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/10/25/wisconsin-jails-pregnant-woman-and-gives-her-fetus-but-not-her-a-lawyer/

Previous Post: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10023913333

:( ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Santa Rosa Teen Andy Lopez Mourned

Photo Gallery: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/gallery/gallery/20131023.102309995.html

Local Coverage: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20131024/articles/131029764

After 'The Daily Show' Targets NC's Voting Law, Precinct Chair Resigns...

After 'The Daily Show' targets NC's voting law, precinct chair resigns
News & Observer
Posted by John Frank and Craig Jarvis on October 24, 2013


An appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has cost Don Yelton, a member of the N.C. Republican Party, his position as Buncombe County precinct chair for the GOP. A five-minute segment of the Comedy Central show Wednesday night about the state’s new election law, focused a good bit on Yelton’s racial views.

On Thursday, as the video went viral, Claude Pope, chairman of the N.C. Republican Party, called for Yelton’s resignation. “The North Carolina Republican Party finds the comments made by Mr. Yelton to be completely inappropriate and highly offensive,” Pope said in a statement the state GOP released.

Yelton said the law’s intent is not racial but designed to “kick the Democrats in the butt.”

He also criticized lazy college students and “lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything” because the state was issuing free IDs to ease compliance.

“I can’t believe we have that many stupid people in North Carolina. People who don’t know how to follow directions and go down there and get a photo ID for free at the DMV. Do we want those people picking your president?”Yelton asked.

Before the interview with Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi aired, Yelton complained that the show’s producers would edit the footage to make him sound racist...


More: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/10/24/3308737/nc-voting-law-target-of-daily.html

Well... I Now Know Why... DU Women Wonder About This Place...

Item 1: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10023913333

Item 2: http://swampland.time.com/2013/10/24/what-voter-id-laws-really-mean-for-women-voters-in-texas/

For a couple of examples...

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