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hunter's Journal
hunter's Journal
July 30, 2013

I suspect nearly all periods of rapid climate change in earth's history...

... are a consequence of biological innovation.

We tend to think of life adapting to physical changes in the earth's environment, but it goes much further than that because these physical changes are usually caused by biological innovation.

In a very substantial way it was the evolution of C4 plants that created the chaotic climate conditions our ancestors adapted to.


If not for this biological innovation by PLANTS we'd probably still be bonobo-like creatures living in the forests.

The common image people have of paleontologists is someone looking for fossil bones, but it's the evolutionary innovations in biochemistry that have left their mark everywhere in the geological record.

If modern industrial human soon goes extinct, which seems very likely, the greater consequences of our existence, the geochemical changes, the reduced biodiversity, will be rapidly erased.

I think humans are still a "flash in the pan" at this point. Time will tell, but none of us are likely to be around ten million years from now.

I'm not dismissing the environmental damage we do, but our industrial species of human will probably be one of the species lost.

A decrease in intelligence is as likely as an increase simply because it takes a lot of energy to maintain intelligence, and with greater intelligence there is more to go wrong in the developmental process.

July 23, 2013

They talk about their green cars at the Sierra Club...

... and their eco-vacations to Costa Rica.

But nobody wants to sit next to the guy who rides his old bicycle to the meeting, buys his clothes at the thrift store, and doesn't dress up in freshly washed outerwear every day. My most infamous conflict was with my wife... she took my old winter jacket to get cleaned. It's not like it smelled like rotten fish or feces -- it simply smelled like a winter jacket that had never been washed. The benign bacteria living in it were doing a good job eating hostile invaders. It's my opinion they should have been left alone.

I don't wash my cars either, except for the windows. My cars have lichen growing on them. Sorry kids, drive mine or buy your own. I hate my cars and they hate me. That's why they last so long. They've got mileage to the moon and now they are coming back. It's a balance of nature thing.

Yes, I am a dirty hippie.

I was a member of the Sierra Club for a long time, since I was fourteen years old, but it got to be ridiculous. I couldn't relate to the people at the meetings, and they couldn't relate to me. My idea of conservation was riding my bike to a "wilderness adventure" in the local mountains, eating rice and beans, living in a shack, hanging out in the computer lab all night.

Meanwhile they were talking about the MacIntosh computer they just bought, or the expensive cameras and backpacking equipment they were testing out in the Yosemite back country. One of the greater consumerist splurges of my life was an Olympus XA-2. I still have it. Cost me a day and a half moving furniture. I haven't bought a fancy camera since, except in thrift stores. My 35mm SLR with the very nice lenses cost $16. My digital cameras are crap but I'm quite fond of them. Pictures for free!

I was as guilty as anyone burning gasoline whenever my clunker small Toyota worked. After all, I could fill the gas tank for less than an hour's work and drive to Yosemite or Baja California for the weekend. But mostly I was happy to be where I was, wearing the same blue jeans and flannel shirt for five days in a row (changing only socks and underwear), mostly walking where I wanted to go, and feeling happy whenever I scored a few hot sauce packets abandoned at Taco Bell, or whenever I traded something for government surplus powdered milk which I'd turn into rich delicious buttermilk.

Personally, I don't think sustainability requires great "sacrifice." Most of the things modern society sees as "necessities" are actually great burdens. Private automobiles are one of those burdens. Airlines are another.

Adequate food, shelter, universal literacy, birth control, and medical care are not unobtainable goals -- the current world economy is much, much larger than that.

But the more powerful among us piss it all away and that unwitting elite group of feudal lords includes many Sierra Club liberals.

July 21, 2013

Our local grocery store has a sign on the front door: "NO FIREARMS."

Knowing the manager and the cops he is friendly with, they might find prying a gun out of cold dead fingers acceptable terms.

Seriously, the only people who carry guns in our city are cops and gangsters. And too many of the gangsters are fourteen and fifteen year old idiots who can't shoot straight.

My wife sees young gangsters who've been shot, and in another city my sister scrapes them off of the streets, and invariably these kids are surprised how bad it hurts to get shot or that they are not dead, except when they are dead.

Carrying a gun does not protect you from idiots like this. They don't give a shit. Odds are if you are caught in the crossfire you won't even know what's happened when you are bleeding on the ground and the dip-shit shooters have run off or driven away.

I've talked to war veterans too. Usually shooting is a surprise that's over a second or two after it starts.

It's never like the movies. No drama, no music, no slow motion, just "bang-bang-blood."

I have a friend who has never gotten over killing the Vietnamese kid who shot him. It got worse for him when his own kid was a teenager, same age as the kid he killed.

July 18, 2013

Hunter is in a bad mood. He will take guns from cowardly idiots, and he will not give them back.

Crazier than his grandma, mom, a few of his siblings, and many ancestors.

Zero tolerance for idiots with guns, and I have art to make. Your gun meets Mr. Lincoln Arc Welder.

Want to play Wild West? I can do that.

July 18, 2013

I'm happy at 35mph.

If I was Emperor of the Earth I'd make 35mph the universal speed limit and I'd use my space fortresses to vaporize any man-made vehicle traveling faster than that. With the exceptions of wind powered, human powered, emergency services, or peaceful space exploration machines.

Yes, you'd better put a speed limiter on your antique Corvette or you will be turned into hot stinky smoke. Jet airplane? Gone. All vaporized on the runways after fair warning.

Might as well tow your old car with an oat-powered horse, Amish style.

If you must go fast go get yourself a bicycle, put on a helmet, and find a long steep hill to ride down.

Highway 154 down to Santa Barbara used to work for me on a bicycle, and I've done far, far worse on absurdly powerful motorcycles... But I am older and wiser now, and fortunately not dead with scars to prove it.

Yep, these days I'm an environmentalist fascist. I hate your car as much as I hate my own. Our family cars have mileage to the moon and now they are working their way back. They are old enough to vote. They continue to live only to spite me. They hate me as I hate them. This is not a positive relationship. Fuck you, car, you didn't pass the smog test? I can make you pass the smog test. Oh yeah? My fuel pump relay will burn out in a bad neighborhood in Oakland at 1:13 in the morning.

Look, threatening dude, you don't want nothing I've got. C'mon, you think I'd be driving this car if I had money??? Okay, I've got $3.16 in my pocket, a VISA card well past it's limit, and maybe once I get these wires twisted together I can give you a ride. Want some coffee? Threatening dude is bought off with $2.00. His life must suck way more than mine.

I don't understand why everyone is in such a hurry to go nowhere. Life is nothing if you are not enjoying the ride. Get on a big, luxury, high tech sailing ship and cross the oceans. Enjoy the ride on slow trains spanning continents. Open the windows, stick your head out, and smell the air just like a dog in a car.

Tour the world? Sure! A few years on slow boats, trains, on foot, on electric scooters, legs, or wheelchairs. Wonderful! No hurry, no deadlines. Wherever you go, there you are.

Retired mom and dad are calling from Australia. They'll be back in a year or two, or maybe not. But they are having a great time.

July 15, 2013

If there are any interstellar civilizations...

... individual beings are reproducible and no larger than particles of dust.

If they even bother with ordinary matter and energy at all. Maybe all that "dark" matter and energy in the universe is intelligent life. We wouldn't know.

The inter-stellar civilizations are probably too busy creating new and innovative universes to pay any attention to our human so-called "intelligence."

Maybe we humans will get our act together, progress, and create a truly intelligent species that will join the teams creating these new universes...

...but probably not. We humans will live a short time and then become extinct like most other species of life on this earth. Best outcome we are happy Bonobos who created a form of life that is actually intelligent. We will be respected by our intellectual descendants. Worst outcome we are gone and forgotten forever, known only as yet another suicidal species that trashed their home planet and died.

July 14, 2013

Hot piss on the gun culture and their guns.

Asparagus piss.

Piss on Zimmerman.

NRA goons and all you other cowardly, fearful weenies: YOU OWN THIS.

Thanks for starting this thread DainBramaged.

My anger is incandescent.

July 8, 2013

There are three solutions to this: Meaningful Work, War, or Revolution.


Meaningful work and peaceful revolution are the only acceptable solutions.

These lost kids in the USA, Europe, Japan and elsewhere are a standing army that will eventually be rallied as a force for good, or a force for evil.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make this world a better place.

We can do that work, or we can rot away in corruption.

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