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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 10,820

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A talkin' to 'at mebbe ol' Joe Manchin kin unnerstand:

Win sum fellers call ya nasty names, spit on ya, tell all sortsa evil lies 'bout ya an' then screem fer ya to be 'sassinated, 'at ain't no bunch ya wanna try ta work with.

They's "bad aigs", Joe, an' thoze ain't likely ta ever turn good.

Stick with them what brung ya, Joe; stick with them what brung ya!

No wut ah meen?

Hey---Gaetz---yeah, YOU! Please just go "naughty favor" yourself! nt

This is the response to reporters that Gaetz would love to Tweet: "Don't you people know

who I am?

Aren't you aware I am a REPUBLICAN?

Don't you know I am an IMPORTANT member of the US House of Representatives?

PRESIDENT Trump takes my calls, for cryin' out loud!

And, look at this face---do you think I NEED to pay for sex?"

So far, he has managed to resist the temptation.

An inconvenient---and DISGUSTING---truth: the real reason Republicans are vilifying Speaker

Pelosi has nothing to do with her policies or her competence and is the same as their reason for the 2016 "Hate Hillary" campaign---she doesn't have a penis.

Republicans default to bullying when other tactics don't seem to be working. If one accuses the Speaker of advocating some specific policy, she can deny or explain the details of why that isn't accurate. But, she cannot deny or explain away the fact that "she's a girl" and, hell, "everyone knows" that "girls" are "the weaker sex" and tend to be "erratic" and "unserious" and "shrill" when criticized.

This is why Republicans think they are "smearing" Democratic Senate candidates by linking them to Nancy. This is misogyny, plain and simple.

It might be less confusing if we referred to Liz Cheney as a "Republican" and called McCarthy and

his ilk "neo-Republicans". This would be consistent with how we distinguish the original Fascists from our current crop of "neo-fascists".

What do you call a war criminal who is in charge of a favored nation?

A war criminal.

"Well---it's-----complicated!" How many times is that or a similar phrase used to excuse why

we aren't doing what we damn well know needs doing?

Those who support the disregard of a valid and fair election and encourage others to overthrow our newly-elected president should not be permitted to serve in Congress.

Will history accept "It's complicated" as an explanation for our "moving on in the interest of unity"?

Are simplicity and painlessness now prerequisites for punishing criminals in office?

Must we be assured of victory before we will fight?

We know that anti-matter exists. Why not "anti-decency" or "anti-kindness"?

I am certainly not a physicist, but I am aware that anti-matter, generally speaking, is the opposite of regular matter. The electrical charge of the sub-atomic particles of which it is made is the reverse of the charge in normal matter. Though both are thought to have been created in the "Big Bang", matter and anti-matter cannot co-exist in the same space. One must annihilate the other.

Is the concept of good vs. evil so different from what I have just described?

Are attempts to co-exist with the evil we can so clearly see in our world just postponing the eventual toe-to-toe life or death battle?

I don't know, but the comparison seems at least plausible on this Saturday morning in Little Egypt.

The CDC's announcement will not immediately change my personal habits. I will

continue to wear a mask when shopping and I will avoid indoor gatherings of people who are not known to be vaccinated---and that includes restaurants. I guess you could call it a "wait and see" approach.

From what I have heard and read, at least a part of the motivation for the "unmasking" was the perceived need to "offer a reward" for getting vaccinated. The CDC believes this will "incentivize" unvaccinated people to get vaccinated. I hope they are right, but I have my doubts.

I personally know people who have not been vaccinated and "by God, NO ONE"' is going to force them to inject a "socialist experiment" into their body. Less than 45% of House Republicans have been vaccinated. These people, I believe, will now simply be even more vocal in ridiculing those of us who have been wearing masks for 14 months. Their attitude will switch from "It's a hoax!" to "It's over!"

While I fully believe that my vaccination provides 95-97% protection and even IF I am unlucky enough to get infected, the covid will be asymptomatic or very mild, I just do not want to be responsible for infecting someone, like a young grandchild, who is not vaccinated.

We are in much better shape with Joe in the White House, but I will hope for the best while trying to prepare for the worst. Although our POTUS is no longer a threat, the mindless disciples of "the former guy" still walk among us.

Chip Roy's pitch to Republicans as to why they should choose him over Stefanik:

"Why choose a pretend white supremacist nazi when you could have me, the real deal!"
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