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In Trump's mind (I know, I know---), his "executive order" is the equivalent of

Yul Brynner's "So let it be written; so let it be done!"

Trump deserves to be shunned. The public and the press should intentionally and

continuously ignore him.

How does it benefit anyone to know what he says at a press conference or in an interview? When is the last time he spoke truthfully? Does any reasonable person consider him honest, consistent and reliable?

Publicity, notoriety and the outrage of the majority are his oxygen. Shunning him and his fascistic toadies would end his power by asphyxiation.

Maybe we should decide that he just is not worthy of our passionate dislike. It is said that the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference.

As civilly as I can manage, the goddam question is NOT "What do we need to do?", it is

"Why in hell are we not DEMANDING that we do what we damn well KNOW we need to do?"

I think it is time to push all our chips to the center of the table and DARE Trump and his thugocracy to call our bet.

Clove oil---comes in a small brown non-prescription bottle. Soak small cotton ball in the

oil and pack against broken area.

The old "Ben Franklin" chain of "dime stores actually used to sell clove oil in a "tooth ache kit" which included cotton balls and small wooden packing sticks.

You might be a Deplorable if---

---you are a man who thinks it is OK to grab women by their pussies;
---you are a woman who'd be honored to have Trump grab your pussy;
---you believe Trump is a billionaire and a stable genius;
---you are sure that Mexico will pay for the beautiful border wall which Trump has nearly completed;
---you believe that Trump can create facts simply by announcing them;
---you know for a fact that Trump is a brilliant business man, economist, scientist, physician and negotiator;
---you consider klansmen, nazis and white supremacists "very fine people";
---you understand that the Corona virus pandemic is EITHER a hoax OR a minor flu-like illness that can be cured with hydroxychloroquine;
---you are convinced that Democrats hate America;
---you believe that only one Amendment---the Second---is important and only one textbook---the Bible---is necessary;
---you believe Trump was "chosen by God" and, thus, literally anything that helps him retain power can't possibly be wrong, immoral or criminal.

I'm too disgusted to continue this list.

If landlords evict tenants who can't pay their rent because the pandemic has eliminated their

jobs, where do they expect to find replacement renters? Do they really believe there are millions of employed Americans who do not already have a place to live?

If there is to be a moratorium on paying rent, should there not also be a moratorium on landlords' mortgage obligations?

Trump's "Fuck you!" attitude is costing wealthy people profit; it is costing the poor---and much of the middle class---food, shelter and medical care.

If you look up "prick" in any honest and reliable dictionary, you'll find a photo

of Jim Jordan.

Had to turn off the televised Congessional Covid hearing at which the "White House corona virus

team" was testifying. Without exception that I heard, all complimented Trump's "plan" and agreed repeatedly that his decisions had saved lives.

All, including Fauci, are spineless ass-kissers---period.

We have no real idea how bad things are as long as Trump controls the numbers and the propaganda.

I'm not a doctor and don't even portray one on TV, but it seems to me that getting Covid 19 from

your mask is about as likely as picking up a dose of the clap from one of those "dirty toilet seats".

A president cannot legally bar immigrants based on their religion---but Trump did.

A president cannot legally use tax funds Congressionally appropriated for a specific purpose for some totally different pet project---but Trump did.

A president cannot legally use the DOJ to protect his disciples and punish his opponents---buf Trump has.

A president cannot legally accept emoluments---but Trump has accepted millions.

A president cannot legally postpone an election---but-------------------------------------------?
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