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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,630

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McEnany, Giuliani, Barr, Birx----"same-same". They've all read Velvet Jones' book. nt

Trump's refusal to answer questions yesterday and his whining that the "fake news" media

has made it a "waste of time" for him to speak at the daily coronavirus briefing is straight out of the "Rich Boy -101" playbook. "If you don't treat me nice I'll just take my ball and go home!"

Every vacant lot ball field had one of these well-off whiners when I was a lad and, for some reason, they all seemed to have frequent nosebleeds.

I will not mention the name of the woman who recently decided to "go public" with her

current enhanced version of what allegedly occurred between her and then-Senator Joe Biden some 27 years ago. Neither will I engage in ad hominem attacks against her beyond stating simply that her accusation is transparently politically motivated, cannot withstand even a cursory examination of its essential components and has "grown" as it was given more attention.

I will, however, say a few things to the scurrilous thugs and bottom-feeders (in other words, the Trump "base" ) who are now pretending to care about women being sexually harassed. Let's start with, perhaps, Donald Trump's most quoted words: "Grab 'em by the pussy!"

Your boy, Trumpies,---the "fuster cluck" himself--- was caught on tape spewing that sexual predator boast and it was broadcast numerous times a day on national TV. Did you smarmy mouth-breathers somehow miss that?

Did you forget that in addition to being CREDIBLY accused by about two dozen women of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assault to actual rape, he was also sued by a woman who claimed he raped her when she was just 14 years old?

Does even your scaly skin not CRAWL when you hear or read some of the pervo crap he has said about his own daughter?

Have you not heard the clips of him on the Howard Stern show bragging about barging in to "inspect" a dressing room filled with semi-naked TEEN beauty contestants?

IF---you intend to make sexual predation and misogyny a campaign issue------------by all means, "Please proceed!"

A variation of an oldie but goodie: Have you heard that scientists are now using Trump aides

in their experiments instead of rats?

Seems there are some things that rats just won't do.

It makes a weird sort of sense that the country that allowed Trump into the White House

has made Kanye West a billionaire.

When do we crown Stormy "Miss America"?

Our problem in a nutshell: those people now showing up at ER's having ingested disinfectant?

THEY WILL VOTE, "BY GOD!" in November!

So, I mentioned to Mrs. Atticus that Maryland state health officials had received over 100 calls

from people asking about ingesting or injecting disinfectants to combat Corona virus.

I shook my head and asked---rhetorically, I thought---"What in the world can you say to people who are THAT ignorant and willing to try whatever Trump suggests?"

Without missing a beat, Mrs. A responded "GO FOR IT!"

As you can see, I definitely "married up"!

---sigh---Really? Seb Gorka is now pretending to be a "manly" man?

That's about as reasonable as Stormy writing about chastity or Trump lecturing us about integrity.

There is a technical term that aptly describes Herr Gorka: "nazi punk". He knows he's a nazi and is proud enough of that to sometimes wear a pin featuring a nazi group's insignia.

And, Merriam-Webster defines "punk" as "a petty gangster, hoodlum or ruffian", which is almost too nice a description of Seb.

Herr Gorka recently said that it was not "manly" to dislike his Fue---ahem---idol, Donald Trump. "Manly men", said Seb, admire Trump for his powerful "manliness". (Did that make you throw up in your mouth a little? Me too.)

So, you like "men" who display aggressiveness and strength and that whole "might makes right" shtick, do you, Seb? I know of several loud and dimly lit venues where that type congregate to consume adult beverages. I would be happy to tell you the locations of some of these establishments, but feel compelled to warn you: with your constant attitude of condescending snottiness, you are likely to be reduced to a pile of hair, teeth and eyeballs on a floor stained with Skoal and blood and littered with cigarette butts. But, hey, go for it!

Having the body of an adult male that houses the mind of a petulant four year old does not count as "manly" in such places----or anyplace else in the real world.

Dateline: The Twilight Zone-----

Dr. R. U. Kidden, president and CEO of ACME Luminosity, Inc., the largest manufacturer of UV lamps in the entire known universe, announced today that despite intense testing recently, the company has been unable to substantiate Donald Trump's suggestion that getting "UV or very strong light" INSIDE the body may "clean out" Corona virus.

"Nope! We inserted our best lamps orally, anally and surgically. Nothing worked and none of the test subjects survived, so----"

Dr. Kidden refused to take questions, suggesting that those be directed to "Disinfectant Donny".

Yeats was a prophet---

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world---"

"---The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."

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