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Though not yet confirmed, there are reports that, following surgery, North Korea's leader is

brain dead.

Now the North Koreans know how we feel.

I have wept more in these past three months than in the prior decade. Not out and out

bawling, but tears trickling, voice breaking and breath caught in fits and starts. The trigger for my tears is not my own situation, but the unimaginable pain and loss and bone-crushing grief being visited upon others who have had their dearly beloveds torn away from them forever by a virus allowed to invade and spread virtually unchecked among people who assumed that such a tragedy could "never happen here".

Just now, I have watched and listened as a woman being interviewed on TV recounted the memories that she and her mother had shared by telephone as the mother lay dying of Covid 19 alone in a hospital---unreachable---unhuggable---where no parting kiss could be given. Holidays, weddings, sunsets over Lake Ontario: all these were lovingly recited in a soft but clear and steady voice. But, near the end of the interview, the reporter said that it broke his heart that she had not been able to hold her mother's hand and say goodbye at the end. And that broke her: the woman's face convulsed as she struggled mightily to get out "Me---TOO!" and her tears streamed.

I was blessed to be able to hold my Mom's hand as she died, but I felt that woman's pain. And, sitting alone, I wept again.

There MUST be consequences, folks. There MUST be consequences.

In a recent poll, Joe is leading Trump by 7 points, 49 to 42 per cent. That's not enough, folks.

Trump's minions will steal AT LEAST 5% and suppress a couple more. Don't let up for an instant. At least one disgusting and false "October surprise" is a given and election day intimidation will be common.

Make up your mind right now that, come hell or high water, YOU WILL VOTE straight Democratic all the way down the ballot! Vote early if you can and encourage anyone you know to do the same. We won the popular vote in 2016 and lost the White House. This time we have to win BIG---take the White House AND the Senate and increase the House margin.

"Close" only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

Do not be stampeded. Relatively speaking, there is a handful of truly evil people---

---which includes Trump---who are trying to use us to conceal their own failures in dealing with this pandemic. Trump is ultimately responsible for the deaths of----so far---tens of thousands of us: grandmas and papaws and moms and dads and husbands and wives and---. He and his cult are now desperate to avoid having to answer for their arrogance and incompetence.

They know we are afraid. Anyone who is not is an idiot. But, rather than serve as a model of courage and optimism, as have LEADERS of both parties in the past, Trump and his mindless disciples are trying to use our fear to create the level of chaos they need to confuse the facts and point fingers of blame at anyone but Dear Leader. Most of the Republican elected officials have careers or fortunes or both which totally depend on Trump and his people remaining in power. They will do ANYTHING they can to preserve him.

And, so, when Trump calls for "liberation" to "preserve our Second Amendment rights", his haters take to the streets---some armed to the teeth and carrying racist and anti-semitic signs---to demand that we resume business as usual and forget social distancing. We dare not think of this as anything but an outrageous call to join them in a deadly game of "viral roulette".

These "protesters" are a statistically insignificant minority who are getting way too much publicity. Ignore them. Ignore the Trumpian governors and mayors and sheriffs who open beaches and encourage "opening" and refuse to enforce "stay at home". Ignore everything Trump the Liar says.

Do not go anywhere you do not have to go. Stay home. Shelter in place. When you must go out, cover your face, wear gloves if possible and stay as far away from others as possible. WASH YOUR HANDS often and EVERY TIME you return home. "Boring" beats dying. We can do this.

Do not be stampeded into "going along".

For the "Liber-TEA" party members protesting the stay at home orders, "asshole" is not

just a word; it's a way of life.

I concede that it is theoretically possible that some of you know "good" Republicans. I don't,

but if white buffaloes and pink manta ray's can exist, I guess it's possible that there is a good person somewhere who still self-identifies as a Republican. After all, "stupid" is not the same as "bad". That said, here's what you're dealing with: after everything that Trump has done---the racism, corruption, grifting, LYING, crimes and, now, sitting on his ass and watching us die---93%!---NINETY THREE DAMN PER CENT!---of Republicans STILL support the psychopath according to a recent Gallup poll! AND---some of the remaining 7% "have no opinion"!

In my view, given the above, the mere fact that someone would continue to associate themselves with the whole Trumpian "Bizarro World" disqualifies them from the supposed "good Republican" category. They may occasionally say something reasonable or even do what is decent and honorable, but when push comes to shove---when Trump or McConnell or Koch clearly demands their unqualified loyalty---they will wet themselves rushing to "get in line".

Here is everything we need to say about "opening the country with a big bang":

until everyone who has symptoms or may have been exposed can be promptly tested AND we have an effective vaccine, IT'S INSANE!

Do you know why we'd not be "discussing" this proposal of we had any other POTUS? Because ANY other POTUS would be too embarrassed to even mention such a dangerous and ignorant proposal.

Anyone, pundit or politician, who appears on TV and proposes to "discuss the pros and cons" of Trump's idiotic attempt to 'save the economy" should be shut down instantly with something like "We will not be wasting our viewers' time by pretending that that makes any sense at all". If the person protests, kill their mike, ask them to leave and go to a commercial while they are escorted out.

To do otherwise is to knowingly disseminate false information that could cost lives.

I want to hear the truth. I do not want to hear whatever Fauci needs to say "to keep

his job". I do not want to hear mealy-mouthed "explanations" of abject failure. I do not want to hear cherry-picked factoids. I do not want to hear ANYTHING Trump says.

I want to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It may not "set us free", but it may help us understand our confinement.

You're gonna think I'm makin' this up, but---

---since "fuster" is a word meaning "to fret, whine or complain" and a "cluck" is defined as "a stupid or foolish person", it is perfectly accurate and appropriate to refer to Trump as a "fustercluck".

You're welcome.

To every rat bastard Republican sonofabitch lurking or trolling here:

The last transparent fig leaf you pretended made Trump an OK guy was unceremoniously cast aside this morning by the beast himself. He is now sneering that if the governors don't kiss his----"ring"--- he will withhold needed supplies from their states! Let me simplify that for the majority of you whose IQ charts out at "house plant": he is threatening to kill Americans whose governors defy his dictatorship!

You know what? No one in the nation is at all surprised. Royally pissed? Of course, but surprised? Not even a little.

Your boy is a monster. Your boy is a lunatic. And, I use the term "boy" intentionally. If whatever he is ever becomes the norm for being judged a "man" , I would have to use some other term to describe myself and other males I respect.

This will not stand. This country will not survive with Trump exercising "absolute" power. Speaking just for myself, this time the "disobedience" may not be "civil"!

Oh,---one last thing: KISS MY ASS!

(the rant light is off)

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