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Ya know, in "The Ten Commandments", there was ANOTHER dude with weird hair

who repeatedly used the line "So let it be written; so let it be done!"

I think that was the Egyptian version of "ultimate" or "total" power.

That didn't end well for Yul Brynner.

Illinois Democrats, sensible independents and Never Trumpers: early voting in our state

begins October 19th and ends November 2nd. We have no more decisions to make, so, in this Trump pandemic, why not vote as early as you conveniently can "just in case"?

I would hate to have to make the choice of either forfeiting my vote or exposing others on November 3rd if I was infected or thought I might be. So, I will be voting Democratic all the way down the ballot sometime in October.

To the White House press corps: this doesn't take superior intelligence or

talent, but it DOES take a spine and it does take caring. When any reporter (male or female but lately, it seems more likely to be a female) asks Trump a tough question which he does not answer---either by attacking the questioner or just going down some totally unrelated dark alley--- the NEXT REPORTER CALLED UPON NEEDS TO ASK THE SAME--- DAMN---QUESTION!

Write that on your wrist with a Sharpie if necessary, but stop letting this bloated bully off the hook!

Hey, Trump! There ain't no damn "only" in front of 60,000 American deaths! nt

In general, the federal judges---and justices---that Trump and McConnell have elevated

to the bench will continue to be a festering wound on the body politic until they are reviewed and many, if not most, of them removed. Many were rated "unqualified" by the ABA; others were known racists, homophobes and ideologues. Several have absolutely NO COURTROOM EXPERIENCE---have never tried a case. As a whole, they are the most unqualified collection of sycophants and toadies ever to be called "Your Honor"!

It matters not if they are removed by impeachment or if their appointments are deemed "invalid nullities" or if they are "persuaded to resign". They have to be excised from the judiciary if we hope to ever again have "a nation of laws, not men".

Please, let's INSIST that this be addressed when we take the reins and begin the reconstruction of the United States of America.

Those who wish to "soften the edges" of Trump's cruelty sometimes blame his

worst outrages on "mistakes" or "ineptness"; anything but evil or corrupt intent. And, this reminds me of something I read years ago on the old BARTCOP site.

(Paraphrased)---"When someone 'makes a mistake' and that results in an increase in their power or puts money in their pocket, count on them to make that 'mistake' again and again".

Are we going to let this psychopath kill us? Will we permit him to override our governors and bring

an end to the shelter in place orders they put in place? OR, WILL WE USE OUR COMMON SENSE AND CONTINUE TO AVOID CONTACT WITH OTHERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE?

"Oops!" just ain't gonna cut it, folks, if IT "opens the country with a big bang" without having the slightest damn idea how many are sick and whether or not we have peaked! And, we don't have this information BECAUSE Trump's testing capability and his response to the pandemic in general would have to get one hell of a lot better to be rated merely a clusterfuck!

I am fortunate to be retired and our self isolation for the past month or so has been much easier than it has been for some. But, on the other hand, we are seniors and more than a little aware of our mortality. How many years of the unknown few we have left should we have to forfeit because the damned electoral college elevated an arrogant idiot into power? When, if ever again, will our family break bread together? What about Thanksgiving? Christmas? Will I ever hug my grandchildren again?

Reopening Trump's damn economy before we have even the beginning of a nationwide testing program and at least a tentative plan to vaccinate ALL of us when a vaccine is developed is, at best, a crap shoot. At worst, it will be the needless death of tens---hundreds?---of thousands of US! Not "them"; US!

As Don Corleone warned in "The Godfather": "THAT I will not forgive!"

Kharma is coming for you, Trump---one way or another.

If ignorance truly is bliss, Trump must be ECSTATIC! nt

Truth is Trump's Kryptonite. That's why he avoids it at all costs.

It is truth that he is a willfully ignorant self-centered fool.

It is truth that he values a strong Dow over a healthy America.

It is truth that "Mexico will pay for the wall" was a throw-away ad lib with which he painted himself into a corner.

It is truth that he is so intellectually lazy that aides have to brief him with pictures and less than a page of text, no matter how serious the topic.

It is truth that a "long term plan" for him is deciding today which golf course he'll play tomorrow.

It is truth that he expects total loyalty from his staff but will throw any of them under the bus in a heartbeat if he needs a scapegoat.

It is truth that "spoiled brat" and "man-child" are the most accurate descriptions of his character.

It is truth that he is---hands down---the most inept, unqualified and incompetent person ever to occupy the Oval Office.

Finally, it is truth that he is a mean-spirited sonofabitch and is proud of it.

Testing is absolutely necessary. I know that. You know that. Everyone knows that.

So, read this and then tell me Trump is not trying to kill us: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/08/829955099/federal-support-for-coronavirus-testing-sites-end-as-peak-nears
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