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I suppose this post could be filed under "Fools Rush In".

As is evident, I am not an investigative journalist. I simply do not have the patience to review in detail all of the justifications for what I am about to say. I think most here know as much or more about Trump as I do so, disagree if you want, but don't bother pressing me for my sources or link to corroborate what I state as fact.

I believe it is just as likely as not that Trump is in fact intentionally sabotaging our best efforts to combat this pandemic.

He has allowed (perhaps profited from) massive shipments of ventilators, masks and other critical supplies overseas during January and February of this year as the virus came ashore.

His regime is seizing supplies ordered by hospitals and redirecting them---where? They decline to say.

Trump's people are importing ventilators and PPE's and delivering at least some of them to commercial concerns which then basically auction them off to the highest bidder.

That's enough. Trump's government has been for sale since he oozed down that damn escalator. If you do not agree, I can't help you; you are a lost cause.

The short term reason for this betrayal---which, make no mistake, amounts to the mass murder of Americans---is that it is making billions for interests who can be counted on to help Trump win re-election---"by hook or by crook", so the saying goes. Of course they will directly contribute millions of dollars, but these are also folks who know folks who know folks who can hire folks to___________(fill ANYTHING in that blank).

Long term, of course, the goal is to complete the destruction of democracy in America and so demoralize us that we will, for the most part, accept autocracy as "the new normal".

Trump's intent to disrupt next November's election is a given and the fear engendered by this pandemic will be used to his full advantage. He knows, as we do, that he would lose a fair contest and HE is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win. "WHATEVER".

We desperately need a champion who, if not willing to "color outside the lines", is capable of redrawing the lines. NOTHING gets better until Trump is gone. NOTHING.

With apologies to The Temptations---"I Wish It Would Rain"

Sunshine, blue skies, where have you gone?
Where are the trusted leaders we used to depend on?
With them went our future, our lives are filled with gloom
So day after day we stay locked up in our room
I know that soon, if there's no change,
I'll be dead or insane, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The feline has escaped from the burlap.

From Trump to assorted state officials, Republicans are standing in line to admit that voting by mail---or anything that encourages or facilitates voting by everyone legally entitled to do so---will mean the GOP candidates will lose.

Most people are not Republicans and recognize that the GOP agenda favors the white, the wealthy and the straight. And, even those voters who fit that demographic understand that most do not and they reject the politics of exclusion. If the majority is permitted to vote freely---without intimidation, needless ID's or remote polling places---the Republican Party will be forced to drastically change---or die.

At this point, it is clear that Trump is not the problem. His supporters---the "aiders and

abettors"--- are the problem, every damned last one of them, from Barr and McConnell to the jackasses with the 4' x 6' "TRUMP 2020" signs in their front yards and the "Trump 2020, Fuck Your Feelings!" tee shirts.

Some are obscenely rich: some are penniless. Some are young; some are old. Male or female, fit or flabby, they ALL have one thing in common: they are haters.

Some "specialize" in hating certain groups or classes of people; some appear to hate everyone who is not one of them. But, whether they hate people of color or Jews or Muslims or gays or any they classify as "the others", in their necrotic minds, the hate justifies ANYTHING they do or say in order to win.

I believe we waste our time and hurt our cause each time we "work with" or cooperate with any Republican who has not specifically and publicly renounced Trump and Trumpism. And, for some, even that is not enough. McConnell, Nunes, Jordan, Barr and others like them should be told (quoting Cheney) to "go fuck themselves". Their participation in any future governmental endeavor should be reason enough to oppose it. Let the word go forth: like Trump, "Anything they touch dies!"

Those who still support Trump are not nice people. I no longer believe that there are any

exceptions to that.

If you still support Trump, it is inconceivable that you do so out of ignorance, which may have been true for some in 2016. I understand that not everyone is as immersed in politics as we are here on DU and I am willing to concede that some of the inattentive "low information" voters in that last election may have been genuinely unaware of the monstrous incompetence and moral bankruptcy of Trump. But, unless you have been comatose for these past three years, you can no longer credibly claim that excuse.

No, if you still wearing your MAGA cap, you are advertising your support and approval of transparent racism, misogyny and homophobia. You are saying that there is no value in science, no difference between fact and opinion and no reason to tell the truth unless it serves your interest better than a lie.

If your bumper sports a "Trump 2020" sticker, it is telling the world that you value wealth over integrity, you equate cruelty with strength and kindness with weakness.

You are not kind or honest. You are not generous or tolerant. You do not love or share or play well with others.

You are not nice.

To White House reporters: the next time you cover one of Trump's "Krazy Klown" pressers

could you possibly tie a single red balloon onto the podium just before "IT!" arrives?

Thanks. (A "Pennywise" for your thoughts.)

Except for being a little less brash and not nearly as good looking or likable, doesn't Kushner

remind you of Eddie Haskell?

Trump campaigned on "Only I can do it".

He has either implied or actually said that some of his officials---even cabinet-level officials---are not really necessary or not that important because he can do their jobs better than they can.

And, when he speaks of "his" military, "his" generals, "his" Attorney General and "his" national emergency stockpile, it is clear that he believes himself to be THE authority in this country.

But, as perhaps the clearest confirmation of Trump's mental handicap, he simultaneously refuses to accept "any responsibility at all" for what is universally considered the total failure of the US response to this pandemic.

Instead of "MAGA" or "Keep America Great", Trump's more truthful campaign slogan should be "Praise accepted, Blame rejected, I'll Pay To Be Re-elected!"

Pardon my paranoia, but I heard a couple days who about this big honkin' Russian transport

plane that delivered tons of PPE's sent by Don's pal, Vlad. Does anyone know if these supplies were tested for contamination with Covid 19 or ???

Somehow, these "gifts" to the American people from Vlad and Donald made "smallpox blankets" flash into my fevered mind. Oh, but "He'd never do that!", right?

It should not pass without notice that the Republican Party, undoubtedly emboldened by the

fact that their Dear Leader gets away with publicly admitting his crimes, is no longer at all bashful about admitting that they are a minority party that cannot win a fair election in which all citizens are permitted to participate. Several prominent Republicans have said as much in recent days. If unsuppressed voting is permitted, the GOP loses.

Until we are in a position to eradicate all forms of vote suppression, we must dot the "i"s, cross the "t"s, jump through all the hoops and do WHATEVER is necessary to insure that everyone qualified to vote is registered, motivated AND---has a ride to the polling place.
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