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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,653

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Not only do Democrats want people to drink plant-based beer, they want our kids

to use Arabic numerals in their math classes!

I may be mistaken, but I believe it is true that there is no law that would punish

a person who FORGED a proof of vaccination card in order to enter businesses or facilities that require one.

I have read of blank vaccination record forms being for sale on the internet.

Shouldn't there be some legal consequence of endangering fellow passengers or diners or theater patrons?

Gee willikers, Hoppy! I wonder why Putin's troops are packin' up and

leaving the Ukraine border area!

Could the "new sheriff in town" have anything to do with Vlad's sudden change of heart?

Please, please, please, Democrats---understand this:

Senator Tim Scott, with whom you are now "negotiating" about a policing reform bill is a Trump ass-kisser who will soon be only too happy to lie through his teeth about what Biden's Congressional Address REALLY means. The Trump party will applaud and cheer loudly.

He still supports his pus-bag "president" and is enthusiastically endorsed by him.

His goal is not a responsible bill that will benefit the nation. His goal is to delay such a bill and then whittle away as much of it as possible before a watered-down reform-in-name-only bill can pass both houses.

When dealing with him and others like him, take NOTHIING for granted and, if he shakes your hand, count your fingers afterward.

"Why can't we all just get along?" A little over 30 years ago, Rodney King asked that plaintive

question after being savagely beaten by five police officers. Rodney was black; the cops were white.

There are those who can quickly list many reasons why we can't get along and many who would call Rodney's question "naive" or "simplistic" or even "simple minded", but it was and is none of these: it is a straightforward but uncomfortable question.

I recall seeing a tee shirt worn by a young black man in Washington, D.C. during the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's "I have A Dream" speech. His shirt said: There is one race: the human race. Everything else is just culture". It struck me then as one of those obvious profound truths that we often ignore or forget as we struggle to sort through the hateful rhetoric with which we are inundated nearly every day.

Everyone is entitled to be different but, for all our superficial differences, we all want to be safe and happy and loved. We should each be permitted to pursue "life, liberty and happiness" in any way we see fit so long as we don't do harm to others.

Rodney's question is still remembered because we have yet to answer it.

"Why can't we all just get along?"

The REAL elephant in the room at any Republican gathering? They are a steadily shrinking

minority party whose titular head at present is psychopathic narcissist who demands unconditional obedience and has neither shame or respect for our laws, customs and traditions.

If they remain in the court of Dear Leader, they must abandon decency, self respect and loyalty to wives, children and lifelong friends if it ever conflicts with his need of the moment. The bus they may temporarily be permitted to ride on has left its tire tracks on virtually everyone who preceded them.

They screw up brave faces and do their best to smile each time he looks their way, but----

---nothing ever gets better. That damned elephant is still there sucking in all the oxygen in the room.

I am SO old---

---I remember when if EITHER major party accidentally elected a Qanon-like whackjob, they would have publicly and vocally joined the opposing party in expelling or refusing to seat such aberrations.

In other words, to some extent, both parties had a sense of shame.

I am SO old!

Injustice is injustice. Bias is bias. Stereotyping is stereotyping. The skin color, religion,

sexual orientation, profession or nationality of the people involved do not change those equations, despite what passionate advocates for one side or the other may insist.

Just a hunch: I'll bet Will Rogers never met Tucker Carlson. nt

"Reform police" progress toward justice. "Abolish police" anarchy. ( They have more guns ) nt

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