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With apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley:


I met a traveller from a modern land
Who said: "A vast near endless derriere
Squats in the city---near it, on concrete
Half gone, a shattered visage lies, whose smirk
And pouting lips, and sneer of arrogance
Tell that the sculptor well that contempt read
Which yet survives, stamped on what remains:
A reminder of apathy's cost.
And, writ in letters large and gilt:
"My name is Donaldus Trumpus, I know everything.
Look on my boastful claims, ye sheep, and despair!"

Nothing beside remains. Round the rot
Of this colossal fool,feckless and unashamed,
A nation desperately struggles to forget him.

We are witnessing a national tantrum---a "hissy fit", if you will.

In state after state where Republicans dominate the legislature, whining, crying, foot-stomping political whores are drastically limiting who can vote, how they can vote and when they can vote. Because they understand that most voters reject them and their hateful policies, their goal is to so discourage and intimidate voters likely to vote for Democrats that Republican victories are assured before the polls even open.

And, just in case the Democrats so effectively "Get Out The Vote" that they ACTUALLY win the popular vote, the desperate Trump worshippers in some states are giving themselves the "legal authority" to simply step in and declare that the loser is the winner.

Understand, please, that if we permit this to determine our nations leadership, most now reading this will be actively persecuted. The Democratic Party will become an irrelevant footnote in the histories which will be written by the Steve Millers of the future.

Passing a federal election law is how we send these sore losers to "time out".

Pound this into your head: at least for now, any vile kluxer, neo-nazi or garden variety smarmy

psychopath can post on some type of social media not just total falsehoods, but transparently ridiculous accusations of ANYTHING from child sex trafficking to consorting with alien reptiles if there's a chance it may damage a political adversary's reputation.

There are no longer any rules. There are no limits. "Whatever works" determines what is said or done.

"States rights" has been the battle cry of those advocating everything from the

enslavement of black people to "traditional biblical marriage" to transparent voter suppression.

Seriously---can anyone think of anything GOOD that states rightists have acconplished?

It is very clear that the only real hope of restoring any approximation of genuine democracy

lies in the passage of a federal election statute WITH TEETH that will insure free and fair elections.

Republican dominated states simply will not guarantee their citizens a level playing field. They will suppress votes or alter actual vote totals to produce Republican victories. Allowing this naked election fixing in ANY state impacts EVERY state and diminishes the value of everyone's vote.

We MUST pass such legislation and we must be willing to piss off anyone who would block it. This is no time for "nice". Now is the time for "whatever it takes".

I think it is past time for timid, civil and respectful journalists and media personalities to begin

openly calling lying sonsabitches "lying sonsabitches".

I'm not even talking about the Gaetz's or Trumps or Stones or Millers. Those assclowns are transparently lying sonsabitches and all who are not Kommitted Konservative Kool Aid drinkers know that.

But, lesser known lying sonsabitches like your Cornyns and Blackburns and Blunts are too often allowed to vomit pure vile bullshit into American living rooms without challenge or interruption while "neutral" interviewers nod respectfully and then THANK THEM for "sharing their views".

To be clear, I understand that they cannot use the terminology I just did, but I am sure they are capable of labelling bullshit as such without offending the Church Lady's tender ears

How about "fibbing poopy-heads"? Does that violate any standards?

ARE there any standards, post-Trump?

Spent part of the day walking in hardwoods and marvelling again at the diversity of the annual


Overhead, the redbuds are in full bloom and the dogwoods will be tomorrow. Some trees are already dressed in shiny green baby leaves while others are still waiting to unfurl their waxy buds.

The forest floor is carpeted with umbrella-like may apples, Dutchmen's breeches, spring beauties, tri-floras, trout lillies and the occasional Jack-in-the-pulpit. And, while not in bloom, the ground-hugging blood roots and still-wound fiddlehead ferns just seem to complete the list of summer's advance scouts.

In a week or two, most of the blooms will be gone, the tender leaves and shoots will have toughened and dulled and the deer, turkeys and insects will have begun their annual feast on the bounty of vegetation.

Now is the time to wallow in the glory of spring. Don't wait until you "have time"; make time.

You'll feel better,

Senator Rick Scott, R-FL, ( the "R" stands for "Reptile" ) speaking for the NSRC, appeared on my TV

this morning in a photo with the criminal Donald Trump. Both were grinning ear to ear as Scott gave Dear Leader a just created never before awarded silver "soup bowl" in recognition of a long list of totally fictional "great achievements".

THIS is the Republican party: a sinister cult worshipping a traitorous psychopath who requires regular groveling from any acolyte who hopes to prosper amid the chaos he sows.

Trump incited wild-eyed extremists to attempt a violent coup on January 6th that contemplated the murder of HIS Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and "anyone else" they could find in the US Capitol.

One policemen was murdered, over 140 were injured, one had his eye intentionally gouged out by the thumbs of one of the thugs Trump calls "patriots".

And, the Republican Party believes this list of "achievements" is so wonderful that they just HAD to make up an award to give him just as he came off the golf course.

Does anyone else feel like puking?

A used car salesman in DC was in big trouble with his boss because, in order to sell a late model

Bentley to a young oil sheik, he had accepted a camel as a $1,000 trade-in.

"We will never unload that stupid camel!" the sales manager roared. "If you can't move it for a grand by the end of the day, you'll be unemployed!"

"I'll----think of----something-----" the salesman mumbled and then strolled outside onto the lot---where he recognized Matt Gaetz and Louie Gohmert inspecting an old rusty Gremlin that had been on the lot forever. "Can I help you?" he asked cheerfully.

"Yes," Gohmert responded, "we are looking for cheap reliable transportation."

"Nothing fancy" Gaetz added "We don't care what it looks like as long as it ain't very pricey. We only have $1200 to spend."

As calmly as he could manage, the salesman smiled and said "I think I have something that meets all your requirements PLUS it is extremely cheap to operate! Wait here just a moment." He then ducked behind the building and soon reappeared leading the camel.

"You can't be serious!" Gaetz said. "NOBODY rides a camel in this country!"

"But, haven't you guys made names for yourselves by ignoring what is normal? Haven't you both just done things "your way" without being compelled to be like everyone else?"

"You know---" Louie said slowly, almost thoughtfully, "I think he has a point. But, I just don't know. Neither of us has ever "driven" a camel."

"Tell you what---the salesman responded, "I understand your reluctance, but I am so sure you will love this ride that I will offer you a special deal. Buy the camel for $1200 and ride it off the lot. If you love it, keep it. But, if for any reason you are dissatisfied, return it by closing time---5:00 p.m.---and I'll fully refund your money."

That was the clincher. Matt and Louie each peeled off six Ben Franklin's and the pair rode away smiling.

The salesman was nervous all the rest of the day, but when 4:00 p.m. came and went he began to smile to himself and wondered if he'd get a bonus for not just selling the camel, but making a profit. But, then, at 4:55, he spotted Gaetz and Gohmert stumbling breathlessly onto the lot on foot.

"We want our money back!" Matt demanded.

"But, where---" began the salesman, scanning the street, "---is the camel?"

"We don't know where it ran away to! We just want our refund!" Louie answered.

"How in the world did it 'run away' if you were on it?" the salesman asked.

Here, they glanced at each other and shuffled their feet before Matt began: "We were stopped in traffic at a red light when some loudmouth in a convertible hollered 'Look at those two assholes on that camel!"

"So, naturally," Louie continued, "we got off and walked behind the camel and lifted his tail to see them and----the damn light turned green and the camel took off with the traffic. Haven't seen it since!"

So, Hawley pulled in over 3 million dollars in contributions in the first quarter of this year.

Taylor-Greene scored even better with over 3.2 million in contributions. Let's stop right here.

Before we "analyze" or "dissect" or toss up a bowl of word salad, let's just say out loud what is the obvious in-your-face reason for these extraordinary fund raising totals.

Both of these Republicans are bigoted arrogant hate-filled scumbags---and the people who sent them cash LOVE them for it because they are JUST LIKE THEM. These millions of dollars came from people whose primary political activity is hating. They hate you and me and gays and Jews and people of color and women who don't "know their place". They have harbored these hatreds mostly in secret for decades, but now they can be open about their hate---just like Josh and Marjorie.

And, if they can help them get re-elected and elect others like them, one day they'll be able to openly ACT on their hate and rid America of Democrats and socialists and liberals and------folks like us.
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