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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,578

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Yes, evangelicals, you absolutely have the right to live your lives according to your professed

"belief"--- right up to the point where that lifestyle negatively impacts me and others who exercise OUR right not to believe as you do.

You wanna refuse a freely available covid vaccination? Great---just don't leave your home unless it is to "worship" with fellow maskless anti-vaxers.

Don't pollute stores, restaurants, bars or theaters with your possibly virus-laden breath and don't visit anyone in a hospital or sheltered care facility.

If it was up to me, you'd be required to provide proof that your kids were vaccinated in order to enroll them in school.

Since health insurers charge higher premiums for smokers, I see no reason why they shouldn't treat you the same way.

But, by all means, if suddenly converting to Christian Science makes you feel a little holier, makes your halo glow a little brighter, go for it.

Just stay away from me and mine or you will "witness" what REAL "religious persecution" is like!

Understand, please, that the new Georgia law not only contains provisions intended to suppress

the votes of people likely to vote Democratic, it also has a less-discussed "just in case" procedure.

"Just in case" in spite of all the features designed to suppress enough Democratic voters to insure that Republicans actually get more votes, the law provides that the Republican-dominated legislature will be able to simply replace the election officials in any county or counties they believe voted "wrong" with their own operatives who can throw out Democratic votes, "find" additional Republican votes or simply declare all the votes in a county "invalid" for "whatever" reason.

So, even if we Democrats again succeed in turning out unprecedented numbers of our voters, it may not matter. The Georgia GOP has basically said that they will decide who wins elections in that state from now on. UNLESS----

HR 1. It MUST be passed. Period.

I am angry that two Capitol police officers are in critical condition after a car rammed them at a

barricade and one officer, possibly a third officer, was stabbed by the car driver after the crash.

I am glad that THIS TIME the damned terrorist was shot!

Maybe Gaetz IS innocent! After all,

Mike Huckabee, Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor-Greene are all vouching for him, so-------

Our magnolia glows pink in the back yard, the apricots and peaches and redbud are "showing

color" and the grape hyacinths splash purple at yards edge---and the forecast for tonight is "clear sky and a hard freeze, low of 23 degrees"!

Br-r-r! Quite an "April Fools" joke!

Just read that Sarah Palin has covid and says she lost her taste.

Sarah had taste?

I wonder how Kemp and his crew would react if someone giving bottled water to those

standing in line to vote quoted Mathew, 35: 25 and insisted that their "deeply held religious convictions" required them to do so.

They SURELY don't want to infringe upon someone's RELIGIOUS rights like they're always preaching---or is that just bullshit, do ya think?

"Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again? Is That What It's Comin' To My Friend?"

Despite laws passed or proposed in some states, I will give water to thirsty people whenever and wherever I encounter them. And, if an elderly or disabled person asks for a ride to the polls, I will provide it.

The desperate and vindictive Republicans in Georgia and Florida and Texas and wherever else they are in power can go to hell.

I choose to be an "outlaw".
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