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72 year old white man here. What I think the abortion issue is all about:

control over women--- perhaps more accurately: a cowardly way for insecure men to intimidate vulnerable women.

These people are not "pro-life"; they are pro-birth. After a child is born, it is no longer any concern of theirs. After all, bearing children is a woman's primary function and, unless she is married, the pain and inconvenience are her due for being such a slut. (There is no such penalty for the father, of course.)

The religious and moral posturing and the "murder of an innocent unborn child" bullshit is just that: bullshit. Insecure in their masculine personhood, men---primarily old white men---hide behind the power of the state to conceal their personal impotence.

And, that's all I have to say about that.

I'm not sure if this will cross the line, but if I stray across it will not be the first time.

I believe it is an accepted fact that the primary reason our party has not ditched the filibuster, passed the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill and the For the People Act is that Senators Manchin and Sinema want to keep the filibuster and refuse to support the two bills mentioned without "bipartisan support". (I will pause my typing here to cool down a little.)

It should be apparent at this point that the Republicans will NEVER support these measures---FULL STOP! So, by continuing to pretend that there is some small chance that EITHER our two Senators will decide to support our party and our POTUS OR 10 Republicans will---I can't hardly type this---do the right thing, we are writing the campaign ads for the Republicans running in the next election.

Something drastic needs doing. Continuing to smile and nod and murmur hopes that "minds will change" and "things will work out" cannot continue.

Please do not repeat all of the bad things that "will happen" if we stop smiling and make demands of some people. We are in danger of being branded as feckless and weak for not pushing through our programs when we control the White House and both chambers of Congress. That won't be "fair", I know, but have you any doubt McConnell and McCarthy and Trump will carpet-bomb the campaign airwaves with that and worse if we can't "produce"?

If we are urged to support "all Democrats"---which I do---why can't "all" of them support us?

So, if mifepristone---the "abortion pill"---can be ordered and delivered by mail and

the USPS delivers the mail in Texas and DeJoy is in charge of the USPS, couldn't he be sued for "abetting" abortions?

Can anyone use $10,000?

The smug Trumpian majority on the US Supreme Court, in basically looking the

other way while moralistic Texas zealots overturned Roe v. Wade, have done something that their predecessors have ridiculed for decades: they have "exalted form over substance".

The misogynists who drafted the Texas bill produced a statute that substitutes the frenzied lynch-mob mentality of anti-choice extremists for the usual enforcement mechanisms of traditional statutes. And, by design, it APPEARS that it is not the state of Texas that is denying womens' rights; it is individuals. And, the transparent pretense that Texas could say "It ain't us, Your Honors!" was all that the five judicial whores who voted to allow this fiasco needed.

Everyone understands that Texas has intentionally taken action that has encouraged anti-choice zealots to do what the Constitution and decades of precedent would not allow: overruling Roe v. Wade. That is the "substance", but the transparent and arrogant pretense is the "form" and that was enough for what is now a SCOTUS that MUST be reformed!

Don't read this if you have a problem with high blood pressure.

Since Bill Clinton beat Bush the Elder by winning the popular vote and the electoral votes in 1992, the Democratic presidentisl candidates have won the popular vote in every subsequent election except the one in 2004---and that "defeat" still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Arguably, the Republicans should have occupied the White House for just 4 of those 28 years, not 12.

And, during those 12 years, five SCOTUS Justices were appointed. Clearly, the current SCOTUS represents a minority of Americans.

If Trump was not responsible for the January 6th assault on the Capitol why did

Pence, McCarthy, Jordan and Gaetz all call him while it was in progress and plead with him to stop it?


This I believe: if bullies and criminals are caught on video threatening violence or actually

committing crimes and they are not punished, they will repeat the same acts or worse and other wannabes will join them.

Laws not enforced and penalties never imposed are worse than useless because they permit bad people to equate wrong with right and unlawful with lawful.

McCarthy and Taylor-Greene should be arrested and charged with using threats to impede the Select Committee's invesigation and Cawthorn should be expelled from Congress for encouraging armed attacks on political adversaries.

"Mere trespass" at the US Capitol on January 6th should mean prison time for even those without prior records since the trespass was in furtherance of a pre-planned attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

As the Select Committee proceeds with its investigation of the January 6th coup attempt, McCarthy

would be well advised to "get his AFFAIRS in order", if you catch my drift.

Why being informed, staying involved and voting for every Democrat on the ballot matters---

Guess what? TERRIBLE laws passed by the minority party which was allowed to assume power because we sat on our butts and assumed "that couldn't happen here" are LAWS! They are just as enforceable by the awesome power of the government as any law passed by us.

"I didn't vote for that" is not a defense. Neither is "If I had realized-----!"

Either we, the majority, govern our nation or THEY will.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Each of Trump's three SCOTUS appointments is tainted with the hypocrisy, arrogance and

contempt for judicial independence that epitomized the entire Trump "administration".

Gorsuch sits in a seat that should have been filled by President Obama, but the despicable McConnell and crew insisted that a POTUS should not be permitted to exercise his Constitutional power in his last year in office. Hold that thought.

Kavanaugh was appointed by Trump and confirmed by the immoral and corrupt Republican Senate despite credible testimony that he had sexually assaulted a young woman and embarrassed all thinking people with his enraged "I like beer!" defense. Neither Trump or the GOP cared.

And, finally, Amy Coney Barrett. Remember that insistence that a POTUS should not be permitted to name a new SCOTUS Justice in the last year before an election? Well, ol' Amy was sworn in in October of 2020, mere days before the last election. The same smarmy Republicans who refused to even consider Obama's nominee nearly a year before the 2016 election "on principle" conveniently FLUSHED those principles for Amy.

Either impeach a couple of these paid-for Justices or expand the Court and restore its balance.

OR, just say "That's too hard!" and let the fascists have their way with us.

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