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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,435

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Hopefully, the Women's March and/or other groups will organize protest gatherings in DC

and elsewhere to give voice go the majority who support a woman's right to choose. And, hopefully, DU will make sure we are informed of when and where we can participate.

Guns for everyone; abortion for none.

Is this America? Are "papers" and numbers tattooed on arms next?

ON EDIT: After reconsidering in view of several reasoned responses from people I respect, I have deleted "PEACEFUL" from the OP title.

Thousands of American military personnel died in the last years of the Vietnam War

primarily because the PTB could not admit their mistake. "Leaving now would mean that all those thousands of our KIAs were unnecessary!"

We drive for miles after taking the wrong fork in the road rather than reverse course because we don't want to own our error.

People stay married for years after all love has died because they can't live with the truth that they messed up one of life's most important decisions.

And, because of much the same kind of misguided concern about what others may think of us if we admit we are less than perfect, those who voted for Trump and wore his silly caps now continue to support him---even sing his praises---rather than admit that they were deceived and robbed by the most transparently evil racist sociopath in America's history.

"How can I admit to being THAT stupid?"

"Uh,---MAGA, Y'ALL!"

If they ever prosecute you for the crime of "Being A Democrat",

will there be enough evidence to convict you?

Another rant---Dear Mr. Thomas:

Notice, please, that I did not address you as "Justice". That honorific does not belong in the same sentence with your name, let alone in front of it.

I have but one question for you: when you and the other five partisan hacks now befouling the bench you sit on so transparently abandon decades-old precedents that the overwhelming majority in this nation considered near-sacred "settled law", how in hell are the cops and local judges from coast to coast across the fruited plain supposed to answer those who say "Laws don't matter any more! Don't bother me with your supposed rules. If the SCOTUS can ignore the rules, so can I!"

For now, I will not get into just how pathetically stupid your "historical analysis" was. An honest person would have just admitted that they were nominated and approved for the purpose of making this and other authoritarian decisions and your "reasoning" amounted to a snarky "BECAUSE!"

An answer, if you please: why should the rubes out here in fly-over country obey the law if such as you represent it?

Our three-branched government is analogous to a three-legged stool.

Trump's appointment of three incompetent ideologues to the SCOTUS sawed off that already-weakened leg.

This Court, as it has already demonstrated, has been corrupted beyond redemption by the gilded anal sphincter who lost the popular vote but won the votes of Putin and the mob of white nationalists in red caps.

Hunker down, friends.

So, the Trumpublicans are now saying McCarthy screwed up when he pulled all of his choices

to serve on the J6 Committee and has deprived them of the chance to defend Trump and rebut the evidence being presented. This, they imply, has resulted in the J6 presentation being one-sided and totally biased.

I absolutely agree that the presentation has been completely one-sided.

All the many witnesses who testified under oath that Trump knew he had lost the election, knew there was no "steal", and knew his alternate elector scheme and his pressure campaign against Pence and state officials were illegal have been REPUBLICANS.

Is that what they're whining about?

I will ask Mrs. A to post a notice of my demise if I am gunned down in a local business.

I intend to walk out of any business I might be in as soon as I see the first local maniac "packing heat", but only after loudly telling management why i am leaving and "circling back" to tell the Rambo wannabe that he is a Rambo wannabe and that I find him too disgusting to share air with.

I will, of course, be unarmed as always.

These cowardly little boys make me want to puke and I refuse to continue pretending otherwise!

We are being challenged to live up to the ideals we have insisted made our nation "exceptional".

ARE we "a nation of laws, not men"?

ARE "no men above the law" in our nation?

If these are not just meaningless high-sounding "fluff", why are we even questioning whether or not the law will punish Trump for his despicable crimes?

The mass murders in Buffalo and Uvalde were not the result of the "boyfriend loophole" or

uncertainty about who a "gun seller" is.

They were the result of 18 year old kids being able to legally purchase rifles specifically designed to kill people---AR 15s---and multiple high capacity magazines.

They will still be able to after the much-praised "gun legislation" passes---if it does.

An example of the sort of ads that raise the hairs on the back of my neck:

In one commercial, one of the front groups for the oil and gas mega-corporations ends their string of nonsensical emotional appeals to patriotism with the solemn question (accurate paraphrase ): "Should we be forced to rely on oil and gas from unstable regions OR should we PRODUCE (emphasis mine ) our own oil and natural gas right here in the USA?"

We might drill for, transport, refine and market oil and natural gas, but DAMN IT---WE CANNOT "PRODUCE" ONE DROP OF PETOLEUM OR ONE CUBIC INCH OF NATURAL GAS!

That is the problem, idiots! That's why they're called NON-RENEWABLE resources and, we are irreversibly depleting them!

In other words, twits, supplies are about to be exhausted and when they're gone, they're gone!

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