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Have you ever had some fact---maybe one you'd been trying to ignore---finally "sink in" and

make you feel like the bottom of your stomach had dropped out?

What I am talking about: Doug Mastriano actually may be elected governor of Pennsylvania and Herschel Walker may be elected a US Senator from Georgia.

You see, I am so old I remember when these candidates would have been laughed out of even a Republican primary. To be fair, though, that was back when shame and embarrassment were "things".

When Trump ordered a design from architects and assembled the necessary people who

performed their assigned tasks in the construction project, when all the work was done he said that "HE" had built a casino or a hotel or whatever.

He never dug a footing, operated a crane, put a bolt in a girder or glazed a window. He never got his soft uncalloused hands dirty, but he took credit for what he had used others to get done.

When it is shown that he solicited the plans for the January 6th, 2021 coup attempt, called the necessary people together and encouraged them to do their parts to keep him in power after losing the 2020 election, how in hell can the smarmy weasel say he did not "build" the insurrection?

The glaring flaw in the much-planned J6 insurrection is that "Plan B" consisted entirely of

"Oh-h-h SHI-I-T!"

Everything depended on Trump remaining in power and pardoning or "legitimizing" their traitorous crimes. When that did not happen, "Plan B" kicked in.

The only question, after the J6 Committee establishes by incontrovertible evidence that

Trump incited and took part in the attempted coup on 1-6-21, is "Will the American people care and vote accordingly?"

I don't know.

I think there is an apt medical analogy to allowing those who voted to overturn the election on

January 6th, 2021 to remain part of the body politic.

When an injured limb becomes so gangrenous and necrotic that the stench of it is overpowering, one does not try to "get used to it" or ignore it or even "heal" it; one amputates the rotting flesh in order to allow the body to survive.

Those who tried to help Trump succeed in his coup attempt continue to spew their poison into our democracy. They must be separated from government and discarded.

To any not sure if ROE should be codified, please understand this:

A government that can prevent a woman from having an abortion can also force a woman to undergo one.

Citizens of China have known this for decades.

This may not be true, but it is believable.

Marsha Blackburn was sitting in her doctor's office after an exam following some chest pains.

The physician walked in, scanned Marsha and announced "You have acute angina."

Whereupon the Senator blushed, tugged her skirt hem down a little and cooed "Why, thank you, doctor!"

To any lurking MAGA volk---you need to wrap your head around this simple reality:


Read that again. THINK about it.

Stated more simply, saying something does not make what you said true---no matter how loudly or repeatedly you say it.

Trump is NOT intelligent.

He is NOT a good businessman.

He is NOT strong.

He IS a habitual liar.

He IS a sexual predator.

He IS a coward.

He did NOT "make America great again".

He did NOT win the 2020 election.

He DID call for and incite the attempted coup on January 6th, 2021..

For those of you still reading---and not curled up on the floor in a fetal position with your thumbs in your mouths---I know the above may have caused you extreme discomfort and spiked your blood pressure. I make no apology for that. It is simply the price of your willful ignorance.

Your "handbasket" has arrived. Climb in with the rest of the Red Capped Bobbleheads and strap in for the ride.

Democrats believe in "the American Dream" and ask "How can we help?"

Republicans believe in "the American Scheme" and ask "How can I profit?"

Isn't that "it" in a nutshell?

It seems to me that many of us demand not only that our president share our opinions about

where to steer the Ship of State, but also want a detailed trip plan which includes the exact routes, running times and turns. And, then we somehow feel justified in criticizing any variation from what was "promised". I think the best word for this is "nuts".

To state what should be obvious, the Trump regime's insistence that "being President" was a simple and straightforward job if only you were "strong" and "smart" like tfg was utter nonsense. He thought the job was simple because he was.

We cannot begin to know or understand all of the problems great and small that daily demand that Joe "do something". Each alternative often has possible consequences of which we are blissfully ignorant. And, sadly, there are vile and traitorous opponents ready to flood the news cycle with scathing criticisms of ANYTHING he says or does.

President Biden wants to take us where we want to go. He is a strong, competent and decent man. Let's trust him to pick his way through the shoals and shallows we can't see.

(In anticipation of some of the predictable responses, no, I am not suggesting we never question or criticize. I'm saying that when he gives a fiery speech with which all here SHOULD agree---as he did yesterday---our first reaction should not be "too little too late" unless we can offer a credible and realistic alternative. That's my opinion. I'm sure some will disagree. )
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