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Member since: 2002
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So----Roe v. Wade, a fifty year old SCOTUS precedent has been trashed---reversed---set aside---by

five Justices appointed by Republicans --- three of whom recently pooh-poohed any suggestion that they would ever do just that---and some are blaming the Democratic POTUS who strongly supports the right to choose we thought Roe guaranteed.

How does that work?

Attention: Steve Bannon -------

Please be advised that you are now free to testify before the J6 Committee as I have decided to waive my Anonymous Liberal Privilege.

Of course, there is no such privilege, but that puts it in the same silly category as Trump's "Former Executive Privilege" and if that was enough to seal your boubon-bruised lips I did not want to risk providing ANOTHER patently ridiculous fig leaf to cover your cowardice and cupidity.

So, go ahead, Steve----sober up, shower, buy some clean clothes, raise your right hand and pray that the Bible you place your left hand on does not burst into flames.

In the rude, crude and tattooed neighborhood where I grew up, making a stupid and embarrassing

mistake or getting caught in an obvious lie was not referred to as "committing a faux pas" or even a "royal screw up"; it was known as "showing your ass".

The best way to get past the embarrassment of "showing your ass" was to admit your transgression and apologize. Hanging hour head and looking truly sorry was also helpful.

You would be forgiven because "everybody shows their ass now and then".

If Trump supporters had grown up in my neck of the woods, they would have months ago publicly owned their mistake in thinking that Trump was a decent human being who would surely "grow into" the office of POTUS. They would have voted to convict in at least one of his impeachments and would now be publicly ridiculing his "Big Lie".

They would understand that doubling and tripling down after "showing your ass" sooner or later results in getting your ass KICKED.

After hearing about some of the mobster-like threats communicated to Ms Hutchinson

just before her testimony, I have to wonder what sort of phone calls and texts Mr. Cippolone is now getting.

There was no such thing as slavery

There was no Holocaust
And lynchings never happened
Not a single life was lost

Donald Trump's a genius
He always tells the truth
He's the poster boy for "classy"
And he's never been uncouth

If that's the world you live in
If you think all that is true
There's really only one thing
That remains for you to do

There will be no more chances
Best not let this one pass
Use all your strength and try to pull
Your head out of your ass!

Are any of our nation's current political problems or polarization not, at bottom,

attributable to the fact that today's Republicans are not what used to be called "decent Americans".

When you winnow it down past all the memes, sound-bites and silly excuses, is it not their cruelty, avarice, intolerance, hunger for power and glorification of violence that are at the root of our national exasperation and disgust?

They're just not good people.

This was originally something said in a collective bargaining context, but it surely has wider


"Corporations never SURRENDER power. You have TAKE it from them."

Koch Industries, EXXONMOBIL and all the gun companies come to mind.

The fact that many supposedly "responsible" "serious" commentators are discussing "WHETHER"

Trump will be indicted and prosecuted for his OBVIOUS traitorous crimes just may be the most embarrassing national travesty I have witnessed in my three score and ten plus years.

Bolton, Barr, Cippolone, McEnaney, Short, Hutchinson, Matthews---PENCE-------

All of these people are now, in varying degrees, viewed by some as "patriots" or "American heroes" because of the light they have recently shed on what went on inside the Trump White House or their recent outspoken opposition to the former guy and they all have one important thing in common: their patriotism and disapproval are LATE and their ealier determination to keep quiet and look the other way enabled the crimes resulting in January 6th.

For differing reasons, each of these former cogs in the Trump machine waited until after it was abundantly clear that "the jig was up"; Trump was not going to stay in power or regain power and "we, the people" were awake AND PISSED.

A couple tried to peddle books.

Some still foolishly harbor political ambitions.

Several are simply trying to atone for their prior silence and inaction.

Some may eventually earn forgiveness, but their belated truth-telling does not earn them entitlement to either "patriot" or "hero".

Believe it or not, I really do understand that real-life law enforcement, subpoenaing of witnesses

and prosecution of the bad guys is a complicated grind that is seldom anything like "Law and Order" or like programs on TV. That said, well-meaning observers of the "justice system" these past 18 months or so are understandably and predictably discouraged. The ranks of those who snarl "Nothing will happen! It never does! There is no justice!" continues to increase in number. Lindsey Graham's announcement that he will defy his subpoena from the Special Grand Jury in Georgia only confirms the opinion that laws and court orders mean damn little.

We desperately need to see SOMEONE of the "higher ups" tribe indicted and arrested and tried in a no-nonsense expedited manner. I fear the erosion of public respect for "the system" is fast approaching the point of no return.

Legal beagles please note: this is not about legal procedures and how "the law grinds slowly---". This is about public opinion and growing pessimism that could reduce enthusiasm and voter turnout.

What the public wants is simply stated: "DO SOMETHING!"
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