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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,653

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Since some seem programmed to assume the worst motivation, let me begin by saying

that of course we are all entitled to be less than thrilled with everything that our president says or does, BUT---he should not be anyone's "pinata"---
not ours, not the blogs, not the cable news commentators.

On some TV programs, Joe is blamed for everything from the price of gasoline to dandruff.

OUR president is a good man whose performance is being assessed without acknowledging Putin, worldwide inflation, climate change acceleration, the covid pandemic and a hostile and violent cadre of insurrectionists who continue to attack our democracy.

Could we start letting a few talking heads hear about this?

Some may disagree, but it is my strong opinion that if you cannot tag your deer using a bolt action

rifle with a five round clip, you should not be hunting.

Then too, there are some very accurate single-shots available in appropriate calibers.

A few bloody facts for the "casually interested" and "undecided" who "may" vote:

-----Those just murdered in Highland Park---like those in Uvalde and Buffalo and too many other places to list---had chunks of their bodies blown off ---hands, faces, heads;

-----The Highland Park shooter bought his high powered semi-automatic rifle and high-capacity magazines legally.

-----A strong majority of House Democrats and 48 of 50 Democrats in the Senate want to make the weapons and accessories used by these mass murderers ILLEGAL to buy, sell or possess.

-----NOT ONE Republican favors taking these weapons designed to efficiently kill people out of the hands of the domestic terrorists and mentally deranged who use them almost daily in our nation.

-----Finally, there is no hope or possibility that killers will be denied their weapons of choice and the carnage drastically reduced until enough of you wake up, go to the polls and elect commanding majorities of Democrats in BOTH chambers of Congress. It is that clear; that certain; that bloody.

I've seen several photos of Mr. Crimo, the mass murderer du jour, and he could be your neighbor---

---in you live in the Twilight Zone.

And it came to pass on the fourth day of the first full month of summer, as the people, young and

old, crowded together in joy to celebrate their freedom, that the vile event that had been foretold smote more than two-score innocents. Another slaying by an evil being who was permitted---nay, ENCOURAGED!---to spill blood upon the streets because he was one of many dropping pieces of silver into the purses of those who ruled the land.

And, while tears were still being shed and the slain were still warm, he who would be governor spake from the south to loudly lead his disciples in what he urged was prayer for the distant dead as he sought the favor and shekels of fools.

And the wise among those who heard him curled their lips and shook their heads, muttering dark oaths and spitting "Hypocrite!" at the Clay County Philistine plagued with delusions of adequacy.

My response to AR-15-humpers who say "Come and get it!": "OK!"

I confess that this will be a day of confusion and mixed emotions for me.

Before covid, the Fourth of July was always a happy mid-summer red-white-and-blue excuse to fire up the grill, sip a few brews and ooh and ah as fireworks stabbed the night sky. I thought that our return to semi-normal would permit us to once again be happy, but then, just in the past few weeks,----

---a minority RULED that anyone can carry their firearm of choice virtually anywhere;

---a minority RULED that women cannot manage their own bodies or medical care;

---a minority RULED that the EPA---and any other federal regulatory agency---has no power to regulate despite clear Congressional authorization;

---that same minority is preparing to issue RULINGS that will permit like-minded minorities to guarantee future minority RULE, permit open persecution of LGBTQ folks, destroy unions and put people of color "back in their place".

So, forget the red and white. Today I'm just blue.

A question for the "life begins at conception" folks: if a couple attempting in vitro

fertilization stores, say, six fertilized eggs, can they claim all of the frozen blastospheres as dependents on their tax returns?

If so, is there a time limit or just as long as they remain properly frozen?

For no particular reason, Officer Malone in "The Untouchables":

"They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That's* the *Chicago* way!"

Something I just heard that I think is worth passing on:

"It's OK to hit rock bottom. Just don't stay there."
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