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The last time I saw someone behave like Sen. Manchin, the little guy

had to spend an hour in the "timeout chair" in the corner.

I wonder if there's anything to what lotsa people--- fine Americans --- are saying

about mtg.

Does she REALLY have "I (heart) Irma Grese!" tattooed on her tush?

Dateline: Doublewomp, Georgia---"The well-regarded CEUI (Center for Exposing

Unmitigated Ignorance) regrets to report that Georgia's totally ineffective Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, has been clinically diagnosed with a previously rare but recently surging variant of Common Ignorance named 'Face-palm-while-cursing-before-banging-your-head-against-closest-solid- object' Ignorance.

As this variant is mentally debilitating in 100% of confirmed cases, it is thought to explain most of Ms Greene's tenure in the House of Representatives. There is no known cure, but experts agree that expulsion from Congress would lessen her condition's effects on others."

It is technically true that a "huge meteorite" MAY crash into earth tomorrow.

It is also technically true that Manchin's vow to vote "no" on BBB COULD "destroy" President Biden's agenda.

BUT,----beginning a news broadcast with either "true" statement is irresponsible journalism and tells us that the network is more interested in agitating their viewers than educating them.

I recently watched a video featuring a staged auto collision. Unsuspecting witnesses

saw one car slide sideways into a parked vehicle. The actual speed of the sliding car, per radar gun, was 20 mph.

When asked how fast the car was going when it "slammed" into the parked car, the witnesses said "40 to 50 mph" "for sure".

When other witnesses were asked about speed when the car "bumped" the parked vehicle, they answered "15-20 mph."

Word choice matters. Beware of interviewers who try to skew the responses by using emotional trigger terms. Many of them originate with Trumpies and are picked up by lazy and thoughtless "journalists".

It is one thing to say Democrats are "angered" by Senator Mancin's "Sunday surprise". It is quite another to say Democrats are "panicked".

This elephant is not just "in the room"; it owns the premises.

Wyoming, a reliably red state, gets one US Senator for each 295,007 of its citizens.

California, a reliably blue state, gets one US Senator for each 19,370,000 of its citizens.

Similar, but less extreme inequities exist with many other states.

This has made "one man, one vote" and "majority rule" jarring phrases to me for decades.

Apples ain't bananas, folks, no matter how many times you misname them.

Some talking heads understand it; some do not. But, the constant hand-wringing about

the "panic" of Democrats and the "collapse" of the Biden agenda all has the same effect: a subliminal urging to vote against the "losers" who have not totally cured America's ills in one year because no one wants to be on the "losing team"

The "trigger" words are carefully chosen and meant to ramp up anxiety and drive wedges between us.

Do not let these intellectual zombies think for you!

The barbarians are at the gate! We cannot condone a quisling's

alliance with their cause or continue assuming we have a "50-50" Senate.

The "inconvenient truth" is that we must win most of the midterm elections next year. Despite what all the Chicken Littles and the bought-and-paid-for TV mouthpieces say, the '22 midterms are not a "done deal". To repeat their glib assumptions is to surrender the race before we leave the gate. DON'T DO THAT!

"Eyes on the prize!"

Be pissed off! RANT! Spend an hour in your "screaming closet". BUT, do NOT

give up.

Please try to avoid fatalistic predictions that may discourage some of "ours" and bring smiles to the faces of many of "theirs".

Get away from politics for a day or two if you're overwhelmed, but then get up off your butt, square your shoulders and get back into the fray.

Recent announcements are even more reason why we need to "pull out all the stops" during this next year and increase our numbers in both houses of Congress.

"Whatever it takes!"

You have to wonder if any of the rural members of Trump's party realize that,

by discouraging masks and vaccinations, their vaccinated and boosted leaders are perfectly willing to kill them in order to drive down President Biden's poll numbers.
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