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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 13,884

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Do you know what "G.O.P." stands for?

"Traitorous Sonsabitches"

Maybe this should be asked of each candidate running for any office in 2022: "Could you please

explain in simple terms just what 'democracy' is and whether you are in favor of continuing our democratic form of government---yes or no?"

I propose we adopt and use a new acronym: "IBIWISI".

"I'll Believe It When I See It".

It could save time when responding to those who insist that Trump will be arrested soon or that Bannon will serve time for ignoring a Congressional subpoena or S1 will be passed in time to level the playing field for the midterm elections or BBB will be signed into law this year.

There is plenty that is good that has already been accomplished, but predictions that are amended every week or so are eroding what should be favorable opinions of this administration. When something ACTUALLY happens, by all means tell me about it. But, as for optimistic predictions----


I know it can't happen, but when January 6th Committee members are asked if they will refer

Meadows to the DOJ for criminal contempt, instead of a somewhat apologetic "We have no choice", it would be great to hear "Of COURSE we will ask that the traitorous POS be prosecuted!"

Here's why Republicans are so much more "efficient" than Democrats: an example.

When a Democrat considers how the nation's institutional racism might be remedied, they may start with some type of survey or study to determine the true nature and extent of the problem. Any such survey would ask for input from a diversity of American social and ethnic communities. This would tell them where and with whom their efforts should be directed.

They might next devise a proposed timeline setting out what could be accomplished quickly and what would take more time and effort. This would help them allocate available resources to the areas where they were most needed. Though they would not be named as such, both "carrots" and "sticks" would be used.

And, being conscious of how important perception is, a broad spectrum of personalities and medias would be employed to publicize both the successes of the undertaking and the benefits of those successes. While progress might be steady and noticable, such a project would last years---perhaps a generation or more.

So, how would Republicans handle the national problem of institutional racism? Why, they'd simply deny its existence and ridicule any who said otherwise.

"Problem? What problem?"

Easy-peezy----and "efficient".

Let's see---a large well-equipped and heavily armed military force to be under the sole command

of Trump-wannabe DeSantis?

What could possibly go wrong?

If the RWNJs really want to start erasing historical facts, I have a few suggestions for them.

Many tall buildings don't have a "13th" floor. There may be over 50 floors in these buildings, but there is no "13" button to push in the elevators. The floor above the 12th is labelled "14th". The 13th has just been "disappeared".

I propose that the entire 45th presidential administration be "disappeared". Textbooks will not mention Trump or anyone in his administration. President Biden's predecessor will be listed as Barack Obama. There will be no official portrait of Trump and no---wait for it!---library.

It stands to reason that a disappeared administration did not appoint any federal judges, including SCOTUS Justices. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barret can have 24 hours to clean out their desks before President Biden's appointments are seated.

A lot more housecleaning would be necessary if we "disappeared" the 45th presidency, but I am certainly many citizens would be happy to help.

How 'bout them apples, Trumpies? Still want to eliminate slavery and Jim Crow from classroom discussions?

Every time I see a close up of Nunes, I can hear Captain Quint saying:

"---lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes!"

Just heard CNN report that Meadows' "main problem" with cooperating with the subpoena is

that "It's not fair".

OK, so when does he fall to the floor and thrash around screaming "Not FAIR!" ?

How about holding his breath or stuffing beans up his nose till he turns blue?

"And now, for something completely different----"

Has Trump been arrested yet?
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