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DATELINE: somewhere deep in "the swamp"---More than one White House source has recently

expressed concern about the modifications that Mr. Trump has ordered be made to all water fixtures in the West Wing. Although as yet unconfirmed by this reporter, apparently all faucets, water fountains, toilet flushing mechanisms---even coffee makers---have been inverted so as to conform to "his" announcement that "up is down"!

Asked to explain the embarrassing consequences of these changes---we will not even begin to describe the restroom conditions--- a blonde who is apparently a member of the new Space Force, ( everyone refers to her as "K. Lee, the Space Cadet" ) commented that "Everyone knows that water flows DOWN, so once Mr. Trump shared his great discovery---which no one else was ever intelligent enough to discover---that "Up is DOWN", the need for the water system improvements was apparent."

When asked if her boss would be mandating similar changes nationwide, K. LEE responded "I don't respond to radical gravity enthusiasts!" and scurried away.


I am sick unto death of earnest consultants, commentators and pundits gnashing their teeth and struggling mightily to "explain" why Donald John Trump did this or said that!

Listen carefully: Trump is INSANE!

There are no "reasons"!

There is no "plan" or "scheme"!

Remember the only "rationale" this sick sonofabitch has ever offered for his conduct: "It is what it is!"

Occam's Razor, folks! Occam's Razor!
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