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Must read: NCSen Jeff Jackson statement on constituents treating virus as joke

When I have constituents respond to my emails about vaccine distribution with angry notes about the virus being a joke and not worthy of their concern, I just think about the people who have worked so hard to mislead them.

And how many of them are in Congress.

Pretending a global pandemic isn't worthy of concern isn't a notion you arrive at on your own.
It takes a concerted effort by people who *fully understand* that they are being deceptive.
And lots of these folks are elected officials who should exist to *do the opposite thing.*

And if your elected official is planning on spending tomorrow objecting to the clear outcome of an election, then I'm talking about that guy, too.
Because this is a reality-detachment thing now.

And I just don't understand the ethical willingness to knowingly mislead people. I can't put myself in the head of someone who gets to the point where they're willing to willfully mislead *their own constituents*, of all people, into dropping their guard in the face of a rolling wave of catastrophe.

And when these guys turn around and jump in line to get the vaccine, shouldn't that ring some bells? Like, maybe they've been full of it this whole time?

Incidentally, I reply to every one of those emails.
And here's what I write:
"I'm sorry, but you've been deeply misled. Please do some of your own reading on this. Just use Google and take a few minutes. Pick a number of sources. This is all very real."

And let's do this:
Please share this on the off chance that someone who truly needs to get woken up on this issue will stumble across it.

And, if that happens to be you and you're still reading:
We love you, we want you to be healthy, we want the people around you to be healthy, we want all of this to end as quickly as humanly possible, and please start doing your own reading on this from non-political sources that have actual editors and standards where people would get fired for being wrong, not blogs or memes. This is all very real and we're counting on your help to end it.

- Sen. Jeff Jackson

Twins reaction videos have a big fan: Barack Obama

Senate seats are ALL about the Supreme Court. Trump voters need to punish

those GOP senate and Supreme Court seats they worked for all these years.....starting with Georgia.



Baby blm just showed me developing TikTok trend "Mitch McConnell Challenge"

The GenZ kids challenge each other to look like Mitch. The results are hilarious, but, I donít know how to post them.


Maybe based on contributions to the debate at the time.

I also noticed that scores can change, so there is the opportunity to increase your score.


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