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Spread this in every state with Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian communities.

Spread it to their social media pages in states with Senate races as well as every congressional seat. Moldovan, and Latvian communities, too.

JD Vance CANNOT win Ohio if these communities there turn out. Same with Oz in Penn, Johnson in Wisconsin, and Grassley in Iowa.
Putin’s last hope to win in Ukraine is a GOP victory in November.

Just when Russia is on the ropes, Republican leaders are already signaling they’ll cut aid to Ukraine if they win control of Congress.


SC, write-in vote for Lee Turner. Happy Pants Timmons (MAGA) has to go.


US House, South Carolina's 4th District
(Greenville & Spartanburg Counties)
Now you have a choice!

After much consideration, I have decided to launch a write-in campaign for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District.

South Carolinians are concerned about current threats to democracy.

Our Congressman, William Timmons, voted against upholding the 2020 election, even after a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. His vote does not just enable attacks on democracy, it endorses them.

South Carolina’s women and families are fed up with attempts to restrict a woman’s right to control her own body and, in fact, her future and that of her family's.

William Timmons votes against women and their reproductive rights at every opportunity.

Our district needs representation for everyday people, not the elites served by Timmons. Our district needs representation by those not beholden to wealthy donors and special interests. And our district needs someone who can think for themselves, not someone who votes as they are told.

Voters in Greenville and Spartanburg deserve a CHOICE.

And now they have one.

First live music outing since Covid: Calexico in Asheville.

There are not enough superlatives in any language that adequately describe this band’s musicality and level of musicianship when performing live.

Calexico albums are gorgeous. Calexico live is a full-on body and soul experience.

Trying to find release date on Ohio State abuse/Jim Jordan documentary

from George Clooney.

Yes, I googled and nothing specific came up.

Anyone have inside info on a date?

Gem. Les Paul with Jeff Healey.


Climate Forward, NYC, Sept 20, with Al Gore and John Kerry

Climate Forward, New York, Sept. 20

How does climate change make it harder to eradicate poverty and avoid war?

With the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly opening in New York, join us for a deep investigation into the nexus between climate change and many critical international issues. Hear from leaders like the U.S. climate envoy John Kerry, Nobel laureate and economist Esther Duflo, and former Vice President Al Gore at this all-day event.

Livestream available.


This book gets handed out for free at Trump rallies. Explains a lot.

This is the insane wing of the RepublicanParty. Every Republican candidate should be asked on camera if they believe Trump is The Christ who sits at the right hand of God.


President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man - The Christ

During the presidency of President Donald Trump, it became evident to me that the prophecies about the Son of Man, as predicted by Jesus in the Bible were, to a significant extent, fulfilled at the hands of Mr Trump. The Bible speaks about two different Christs-or Messiahs. Jesus, the Son of God is the one Christ, whereas the Son of Man is the other. Jesus always referred to the Son of Man in the third person. The greatest distinction or significance between the Son of Man and the Son of God (the Lamb) is their respective positions at the throne of God. There are numerous differences between the Son of God and the Son of Man, but overall, people read these scriptures and they do not realize that the Son of God (the Lamb) stands in front of the throne of God, whereas the Son of Man, is positioned on the right hand of God. Jesus spoke about two different killings in the four gospels of the New Testament. People read these scriptures and are unaware that Jesus (the Son of God) predicted his own killing in the first person, as opposed to the several prophecies that He made in respects to the Son of Man who will be crucified. The New Testament speaks about "two Kings;" Jesus, the Son of God, is the "King of the Jews," whereas the Son of Man is the "King of Kings" who will be a world-ruler, and He will rule all the nations (the tribes) of the earth with a rod of iron. This book will explain in depth how "Donald John Trump's" full name literally means: "The Ruler of the World, graced by Yahweh (the LORD) and a descendant of a Drummer." Upon reading this book, the reader will be captivated when they realize how President Donald John Trump fulfilled most of the prophecies as the Son of Man. It speaks about End Time Prophecies and Biblical revelations regarding "President Donald J. Trump, the Son of Man. The Christ."

Write-in campaign for Lee Turner against Timmons (R-Adultery)


Democrat Turner running write-in campaign against Republican incumbent US Rep. Timmons

Pretty amazing guitar work.

Biden, antifa getting blamed for vandalism of Florida GOP office

Just like the graffiti on pro-life centers appeared after Dodd.


The morons tagged using the Anarchy tag again. Of course, there’s no camera, and the vandals were surprisingly neat, staying on the glass with their paint.
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