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bemildred's Journal
bemildred's Journal
April 15, 2014

As insurgents dig in near Russia, Ukraine sends in its tanks

IZYUM, Ukraine - Pro-Russian insurgents dug in Tuesday across eastern Ukraine, fortifying positions around seized buildings and erecting new barricades even as Ukrainian troops and tanks set up outside one eastern city now controlled by armed men. The uptick in war-like posturing by all sides in the Ukrainian crisis has world leaders scrambling to find a solution.

In Kiev, Ukraine's acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, announced an "anti-terrorist operation" to root out the separatists, but it was unclear how that measure differed from the one announced Monday, which resulted in no visible action.

The central government claimed Tuesday morning that some of the separatists had already surrendered, but so far there's been little evidence of that, reports CBS News' Holly Williams.

Much of the focus Tuesday was on the eastern city of Slovyansk, 100 miles from the Russian border, which has come under ever more secure control of the gunmen since it was taken over last weekend.


Edit: A few predictions:

1.) There is going to be something between a civil insurrection and a civil war.
2.) Russia will not invade, but will also not interfere with its citizens "helping" in Ukraine.
3.) The Fuckwits in Kiev will lose, and it won't take long.

After that, I don't know, but it probably doesn't result in immediate accession to the EU. etc.

April 14, 2014

It is standard US politics to co-opt populist movements of the left or the right.

Or the middle for that matter.

And then either fail spectactularly, or ignore the positions you ran on. Or start a war.

And it goes way back. And until people wise up to the fact that "leaders" who try to scare you or make you mad are not your friends, it will continue.

April 14, 2014

Yep, and it starts with all this "rule the world" bullshit after WWII.

Like because that war came out so well (for us), then war was the way to go.

After that war, WWII, we really did bestride the world like a colossus, and we had legitimacy out the wazoo. And we have pissed that all away, boatloads of treasure, rivers of blood, years of darkness, and all in pursuit of vainglorious fantasies of eternal dominance and delusions of permanent superiority.

And since then, it's been lots of little bitty wars with unfit adversaries, where you look like a bully even when you "win", and a few big "unconventional" wars that we just lost because we were on somebody elses turf, or the war was pursued without public support, or (often) in the face of public opposition.

And our "leaders" still can't seem to figure out why that doesn't work.

Not that we are alone in that sort of folly, but we could have learned from history. We still could. Maybe we should learn to rule ourselves first.

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