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Member since: 2002
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the trailer park boys are back for season 8....!!!

after a year of bargaining the boys bought the rights to the show. it`s going to be a internet show.


can`t wait to see what the boys will do when they have complete control of production.

is sarah silverman going to anally probe walker?


from https://www.facebook.com/thebeerparty and liberals unite

the joyce foundation, rahm,and obama...the privatization of chicago schools


Save the Troy Library...."Adventures In Reverse Psychology"


there will be new generation fighting a war we thought we had won...

does anyone think the new generation will let anyone turn them around?

if the racists from the supreme on down to the local precinct captain in this country think they will stop civil rights for everyone then they are sadly mistaken.

wow! just got this on my facebook page...


this link is included in the first link


oh yes...please no more rain in southern wisconsin! the rock is going back up to flood stage.

something we should always remember ......

this morning..... cnn vs fox news

i was watching the tv monitors where i was doing my cardio rehab. one monitor had ccn coverages of the kidnapping and what did fox have? yup... BENGHAZI!!! during the scroll fox news overlapped a crescent moon and star.i think they thought they were clever.

remember...... BENGHAZI IS THE STORY OF THE DAY!........

....."i paid my taxes"......


chicago sun-times "up to 47,500 students in shake-ups"


it`s it wonderful when children are pawns in the game.
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