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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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Out Of Commision!!!!!!

To all my fellow Dems out there.... I recently had a heart attack and had CPR performed on me. I have been in St Anthonys, Rockford, Il. going on 12 days now, 5 days of which I was in a coma. Not sure when Ill be released. A few complications have arisen, but hope to be home in a couple weeks and my own self again. Posted by Teresa Sodergren for Richard (madrchsod)

flooding uncovers sri lanka`s killing fields.



"don`t don`t bite your friends!!

yes i`m babysitting my granddaughter....

can we dance? break it down!break it down!

the latest on the school closings in chicago.....



this committee issues a statement about school closings and gang violence.


1,410,157,000,000 and counting............

cost of the oil wars since 2001...that`s how many years ago?


econ 101---1,410,000,000,000 trillion dollars invested into the public good would return at least 4 trillion into the economy. we would have "full employment" today.

check your state,city,county, or congressional district to see how much it has lost.
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