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Profile Information

Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 89,780

Journal Archives

226 likes and counting...


"All visitors must be announced by the Doorman"


An actual question from a Republican lawmaker.....


I booked plane tickets last night...

Visiting wife's family in Seattle for first time since Thanksgiving 2019, and taking a short vacation in the Yakima Valley.

Gov. Cuomo relaxes restaurant and bar restrictions

New York City Councilman removed from office after pleading guilty to tax fraud


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch has been removed from office after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud last Thursday.

Deutsch admitted to claiming personal expenses as business expenses totaling $82,000.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson released a statement on Tuesday, confirming Deutsch's removal.

"Based on our review of the charging document and Mr. Chaim Deutsch's plea agreement, the Council has concluded that the office of the 48th Council District has been vacated under the operation of law. Mr. Deutsch confessed to a crime and violated his oath of office. He is no longer a member of the City Council," Johnson said

After years as a meme, 'Disaster Girl' takes control of her image -- with a hefty payoff

The News & Observer

Zoe Roth couldn’t stop checking her phone. “What’s it at now, what’s it at now?” her co-workers asked as they passed by the hostess stand at the Italian restaurant Il Palio. She gave a live play-by-play, and everyone on staff was invested.

As the clock neared 6 p.m. on April 17, she was shaking. Zoe was in the middle of an online auction for a photo, one that years ago had made her 4-year-old self famous.

In that photo, Zoe’s hair is askew. A close-up of her smirking face is in the foreground of the frame, and in the background, a house fire blazes. In her eyes there is a knowingness, as if she is saying, “Yes, it was me. I did this. Wouldn’t you like to know how.”

Zoe wasn’t an arsonist. Now 21, she’s a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. Online, in the world of memes and 280-character messages, Zoe lives out her alter ego as the always devious, “Disaster Girl.”


The account @3fmusic officially purchased the token for 180 Ether — worth about $430,000.

Gov. Cuomo: Walk-in vaccines at state-run sites for all New Yorkers 16+ beginning Thursday


The governor announced all state-run vaccination sites will allow walk-in shots beginning Thursday for all New Yorkers 16 and older.

“We’re now at a different place where we have open appointments at mass vaccination sites and vaccine sites almost all across the state,” Gov. Cuomo said. “So first step is we’re going to open up all state mass vaccine sites, this Thursday, to just get walk-in vaccinations. You don’t have to call, you don’t have to make an appointment. All New Yorkers 16-plus, just come in to a mass vaccination site starting Thursday and you are eligible for a vaccine. So for the people who felt, ‘well I’m not comfortable going on the internet, I don’t want to call, I don’t want to talk to a lot of people.” All the obstacles are removed, all the barriers are removed; just show up and roll up your sleeves and the mass vaccination sites have capacity to handle it.”

Same applies to NYC vax PODs.

Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation to Develop New Adult Animated Series "Bedrock"

Programming Insider

Yabba Dabba Doo! Fox Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and ]Elizabeth Banks have joined forces to develop "Bedrock", a primetime animated adult comedy series continuing the story of everyone’s favorite modern Stone Age family, the Flintstones. The pilot script will be written by Lindsay Kerns (“Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous,” “DC Super Hero Girls,” “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!”), with Banks voicing the character of “Pebbles Flintstone,” in addition to her role as a producer.

The logline: "Bedrock" catches up with the Flintstone family two decades after the original, with Fred on the brink of retirement and 20-something Pebbles embarking on her own career. As the Stone Age gives way to a shiny and enlightened new Bronze Age, the residents of Bedrock will find this evolution harder than a swing from Bamm-Bamm’s club.

Republican Ohio legislative leaders could ask voters to let them change deadlines for new redistrict

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Republican state legislative leaders are eying a vote next week that would ask voters in August to approve changes to Ohio’s system of redrawing its political maps before the new process has even been used.

A proposed state constitutional amendment from Senate President Matt Huffman, a Lima Republican, would allow lawmakers to set their own redistricting deadlines if U.S. Census data isn’t available on time. Huffman on Tuesday described his proposal as a one-time response to the current delay in the completion of the Census.

However, Democrats and the voting rights groups that successfully pressured the legislature to change the redistricting process were leery, questioning whether the proposal was a way for Republicans to reduce transparency by announcing a proposed change just days before a crucial ballot deadline.

Normally, the Census data is released in April. But the Census Bureau earlier this year announced it would blow its own deadline, blaming the coronavirus pandemic, and the data now isn’t expected until August or September. Republican State Attorney General Dave Yost tried to force the Census bureau to finish its work on time, but lost his lawsuit in March.

Read more: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2021/04/republican-ohio-legislative-leaders-could-ask-voters-to-let-them-change-deadlines-for-new-redistricting-process.html
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