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Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 64,110

Journal Archives

The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resigned Wednesday, saying in separate letters that they felt misled by the state attorney general's office and board staff when they agreed to a settlement that would allow voters to fix absentee ballots with missing information.

The stunning departures, less than six weeks before Election Day in a hotly contested battleground state, come one day after the five-member board said it unanimously agreed to the settlement, which still must be approved by a court. A hearing has been set for October 2 regarding the settlement, which also allows ballots postmarked on Election Day to be received six days later.

In a statement, the board said it appreciated the service of the two resigning members, Ken Raymond and David Black, but that the unanimous agreement "came after counsel to all board members from agency attorneys and litigation counsel before and during last week's closed session meeting. The agency's legal staff, who are civil servants, provide thorough legal memos to the board prior to every board meeting and answer any questions board members have about matters that come before the board."

Raymond said he couldn't "in good conscious (sic) continue." Black said the recent decisions by the board made it "untenable" to remain as a member.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/24/politics/north-carolina-board-of-elections/index.html

The Ohio Democratic Party is holding training for Voter Protection volunteers

Volunteers (including from out of State) will be able to answer questions and handle complaints from voters remotely by phone or computer.

A 90 min training session will be help tonight at 7 PM Eastern

Ohio Voter Protection Hotline Training
Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
7pm EDT
Join event @ 7pm EDT
Email the host
Cancel RSVP
How to prepare
Thank you for signing up for an Ohio Voter Protection Hotline training! After quite the year, we all have the opportunity to end things on a positive, and most importantly empowering, note by increasing access to the ballot here in Ohio one answered question and resolved concern at a time.

For first time volunteers, our team is excited to share best practices for assisting voters this Fall, and for more experienced volunteers, we look forward to explaining the 2020 specific aspects of this year's hotline operation. Everyone will receive an invitation to join LBJ, the software used to log calls, before or after the training. Please let our team know if you have not received that invite.

The training will take roughly 1.5 hours. Then, we will transition into a Q&A portion which I have allotted at least 30 minutes for.

Use this link to sign up: https://www.mobilize.us/oh2020victoryvp/event/328227/?referring_vol=478776&rname=Chris×lot=2230441&share_medium=email_link&share_context=email_3

Democrats launch ad informing Pennsylvania voters on 'naked ballots'

Source: The Hill

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is launching a new digital ad in Pennsylvania walking voters through the vote-by-mail process amid concerns that a recent court ruling could result in thousands of so-called “naked ballots” being tossed out.

The 30-second digital spot is part of a joint voter education campaign with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign in Pennsylvania, the state Democratic Party and other groups. It instructs Pennsylvanians voting by mail to fill out their ballot and seal it inside a smaller secrecy envelope before enclosing it in a larger return envelope.

“Remember, you must place the ballot in the secrecy envelope first for your vote to count,” a narrator says in the ad.

The ad comes a week after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court sided with the Trump campaign in a lawsuit seeking to have naked ballots – mail ballots returned without being sealed in an inner secrecy envelope – invalidated.

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/517978-democrats-launch-ad-informing-pennsylvania-voters-on-naked-ballots

Cook Political Report Demographic Swingometer

Ever wonder what 2020's map would look like if Black turnout is higher than it was in 2016? If Trump does better among Hispanics? If college-educated whites swing hard to Biden? In collaboration with NBC News, the Cook Political Report is pleased to unveil a new interactive feature that allows you to see how shifts in turnout and support among five demographic groups could swing the Electoral College.

Start with the results of the previous election, adjusted for demographic change since 2016. Then, adjust the sliders below to see how shifts in turnout and support among five demographic groups could swing the Electoral College.


Trump claims Fox anchor Chris Wallace won't ask Biden 'tough questions' at debate

Source: The Hill

President Trump on Thursday said he doubted that Chris Wallace would ask Democratic nominee Joe Biden difficult questions during next week’s presidential debate, asserting that the Fox News host is “controlled by the radical left” and that the debate would be “unfair.”

Trump made the comments in an interview on Fox News Radio with host Brian Kilmeade, who swiftly pushed back on the president's claim that Wallace, a veteran anchor and journalist known for his tough questioning, is beholden to Democratic interests.

“Chris is good, but I would be willing to bet that he won’t ask Biden tough questions. He will ask tough questions of me and it will be unfair, I have no doubt about it,” Trump said. “He will be controlled by the radical left.”

Trump noted that he has “a lot of respect” for Wallace and had a good relationship with the journalist's father, Mike Wallace.

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/517971-trump-claims-fox-anchor-chris-wallace-wont-ask-biden-tough-questions

DOSE OF JOE -- Sept 24

Friends -- see below for today's Dose of Joe.

Yesterday, Joe Biden traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina where he attended a Black economic summit. At the summit, Joe Biden discussed how as President he would work to not only root out systematic racism, but rebuild our economy in a way that finally brings everyone along.

Joe Biden released a statement on the events in Louisville, Kentucky regarding the death of Breonna Taylor. In his statement, he called for addressing the use of excessive force, banning choke holds, and overhauling no-knock warrants.

Today, Jill Biden will travel to Virginia during early voting. Dr. Biden will participate in a listening session with Delegate Jeion Ward (Hampton Roads), Virginia Education Association President Dr. James Fedderman, and other leading African American educators in Hampton Roads, meet with military families in Hampton Roads, and join a roundtable with working moms in Richmond.

Today, Doug Emhoff will travel virtually to Texas. First, he will do a virtual tour of NadaMoo! in Austin where he will discuss the challenges of running a small business during COVID-19 with CEO and Laredo native Daniel Nicholson. After, Mr. Emhoff will kick-off a Texas Women for Biden event with Amy O’Rourke. In the evening, Mr. Emhoff will launch a Texas phonebank.

Yesterday, Biden for President announced the Small Business and Entrepreneurs Advisory Council, a coalition of leaders dedicated to mobilizing small business owners and entrepreneurs to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden for President will host Still I Rise: A Conversation on Black Women Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners. Meena Harris, Natalie Madeira Cofield, Morgan DeBaun, Felecia Hatcher, and Melinda Emerson will highlight how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will support the specific needs of Black women small business owners. You can RSVP HERE.

Biden for President launched four new ads featuring small business owners in key battleground states struggling to survive under Donald Trump’s failed leadership, and why they believe Joe Biden can turn this country for small businesses. “Left Behind,” “Kimberly,” “Celeste,” “Anthony J,” will run digitally and on TV in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.



@JoeBiden: This is our moment to tackle systemic racism head-on and build a nation true to our founding ideals. A nation where all men and women are not only created equal — but treated equally. Here's how we'll advance racial economic equity:

@JoeBiden: I’ve dealt with guys like Donald Trump my whole life. Guys who look down on you because they’ve got a lot of money. Guys who think they’re better than you. Guys who inherited everything they ever got in life — and then squandered it.

@JoeBiden: We can’t let 2016 repeat itself. There’s simply too much on the line for anyone to sit this election out. Get registered to vote today: http://iwillvote.com #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Nobody"

Joe Rogan spreads unfounded conspiracy theory that COVID-19 started in a lab

Media Matttrs

Influential podcast host Joe Rogan spread an unfounded claim that COVID-19 “comes out of a lab in Wuhan,” though he later acknowledged that “obviously I don’t know where it came from.” Rogan came under fire and had to apologize last week for spreading the debunked conspiracy theory that “left-wing people” had been arrested for starting fires on the West Coast.

The Washington Post wrote that experts have rejected the “fringe theory” that the coronavirus started in a lab, quoting researchers as saying, “Based on the virus genome and properties there is no indication whatsoever that it was an engineered virus.” Snopes called it “one of the conspiracy theories that have plagued attempts to keep people informed during the pandemic” and wrote that the “vast majority of scientists who have studied the virus agree that it evolved naturally and crossed into humans from an animal species, most likely a bat.” NPR similarly reported that “virus researchers say there is virtually no chance that the new coronavirus was released as result of a laboratory accident in China or anywhere else,” and The Guardian reported that intelligence agencies also said there was no evidence. (Fox News has been instrumental in spreading this conspiracy theory despite there being no evidence for its claims.)

During the September 23 edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan said, “There is more evidence that it comes out of a lab in Wuhan.” His guest Frank von Hippel doubted the claim, and Rogan acknowledged that “obviously I don’t know where it came from, a lab or people eating bats.” After this, a member of his team displayed a Daily Beast article noting that a group associated with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was behind a study suggesting “China manufactured COVID.” The article explained, “The study goes against basically all scientific evidence and expert opinion. But it fits with the former Trump adviser’s anti-China posture.”

Weren’t we supposed to “tap in” to the Rogan audience to win over the youth vote?

Responses to the Louisville situation from Biden and Harris


An alcohol-filled teen party delayed a Massachusetts school's reopening; Parents Charged

Washington Post

When a police cruiser rolled up to a house party in Sudbury, Mass., earlier this month, teens sprinted into the woods, chucking beer cans as they fled. In the basement, police found dozens more underage drinkers, all breaking pandemic rules by packing together in a basement with no masks.

Now, police have charged two parents and their teenager for hosting the huge party, which forced the local high school to cancel its in-person reopening so the entire student body could quarantine for 14 days.

So much vitriol has flowed at the couple, who weren’t identified by police, that authorities are urging locals to accept that family will face some justice in court.

“We encourage residents to refrain from making any more volatile comments on social media regarding this incident as we are holding those responsible for providing the venue accountable,” Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix said in a statement Tuesday.

This is where my Sister lives; her son (who goes to another school in town) was asked if he had attended and was at risk for COVID. (he wasn't)

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