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Profile Information

Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 89,830

Journal Archives

Ann Selzer will have a final DMR Iowa poll this evening.....

"Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid?"

Barack Obama needling Trump's obsession with crowd sizes.

538 slams Trafalager polling...


Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day

Source: Politico

Even if there isn’t a clear winner the day after the election, President Donald Trump may still take his MAGA message on the road.

Top surrogates for the Trump campaign have been told to keep their Novembers clear for potential campaign events. And Trump campaign advisers said not to rule out the possibility Trump continues his rallies even as election officials continue to count ballots after the Nov. 3 election, according to a campaign surrogate and two Trump advisers.

With the possibility that there might not be a clear winner on election night in key swing states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina, the campaign has discussed putting Trump and his family on the road to give a morale boost to supporters and let the president fire off about the election to crowds.

“Don't miscount the fact that Trump will continue to do rallies while they're still counting votes,” said one adviser to the Trump campaign.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/30/trumps-maga-roadshow-ballots-tallied-433720

Election Models: 96 hours out


National Election: 89% Biden
Michigan: 96% Biden
Wisconsin: 93% Biden
Pennsylvania: 85% Biden
North Carolina: 66% Biden
Arizona: 68% Biden
Florida: 66% Biden
Georgia: 58% Biden
Ohio 55% Trump
Iowa 54% Trump
Texas 65% Trump


National Election: 96% Biden
Michigan: 98% Biden
Wisconsin: 97% Biden
Pennsylvania: 93% Biden
Arizona: 75% Biden
Florida: 75% Biden
North Carolina: 69% Biden
Georgia: 58% Biden
Iowa: 55% Trump
Ohio: 62% Trump
Texas: 76% Trump

Decision Desk

National Election: 87.2% Biden
Michigan:83.3% Biden
Wisconsin: 77.4% Biden
Pennsylvania: 75.1% Biden
Florida: 63.7% Biden
Arizona: 58.3% Biden
North Carolina: 55.9% Biden
Georgia: 57.3% Biden
Iowa: 51.2% Trump
Ohio: 53.3% Trump
Texas: 59.5% Trump

Evan McMullin votes for...


Opinion: As a Republican, I'm tired of Trump's division, discord, vitriol and hate

Detroit News

I am a lifelong Republican. And I am exhausted.

Nearly all my career, I have worked for Republican candidates and conservative causes, managing campaigns, organizing coalitions and raising money. In 2010, I helped lead the Michigan Republican Party to its most successful election cycle in history. And for nearly two years, I served as U.S. Department of Education chief of staff in the Trump administration.

But this is 2020, so of course this year is different. I cannot vote for the Republican nominee for president. For the good of the party I have supported my entire life, but more importantly, for the sake of the country I love, I implore all patriotic Republicans to join me.

President Donald Trump thrives on purposely sowing strife and discord, Venable writes.
There is no need to relitigate this president’s well-known and well-documented transgressions and shortcomings. Nor am I interested in refuting my friends’ hollow attempts to justify their continued support for the president based on the rare policy victory of the day.

Josh Venable serves as an adviser to the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (RePAIR). He previously was chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Education, deputy finance director for the Republican National Committee, and chief of staff for the Michigan Republican Party.

Trump Is Said to Set Aside Career Intelligence Briefer to Hear From Advisers Instead

Source: New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump has dispensed with intelligence briefings from a career analyst in favor of updates from political appointees including John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence and a longtime partisan defender of his, in the closing weeks of an election targeted by intensifying foreign interference, according to interviews.

While the president has long distrusted the intelligence community and displayed frustration with head of the C.I.A. and antipathy toward the F.B.I. director, Mr. Ratcliffe has served as a more supportive figure. He secured influence in part by delivering on the president’s political agenda, chiefly by declassifying documents related to the Russia investigation, moves said to please Mr. Trump.

Critics have attacked Mr. Ratcliffe’s embrace of Mr. Trump, saying Mr. Ratcliffe cannot be trusted to deliver unvarnished facts in this highly polarized election and is focused on politics in what is supposed to be an apolitical role. Mr. Ratcliffe, who took the job in May, has shown little interest in the work force or making sure the intelligence community’s budget is being properly allocated, former officials said.

Cliff Sims, a senior adviser to Mr. Ratcliffe, said the director had “kept his commitment to keep politics out of intelligence.” Administration officials said there was no evidence that Mr. Ratcliffe was slanting intelligence or withholding information from the president.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/30/us/politics/trump-intelligence-briefings.html

White House aide says Trump's vaccine-by-Election Day promise was 'arbitrary'

Source: Politico

A top White House adviser on Friday called President Donald Trump’s long-shot pledge to have a coronavirus vaccine by Nov. 3 “kind of an arbitrary deadline,” as Election Day prepares to come and go with no shot having even applied for approval yet.

“We’ve got nearly half a dozen vaccines that are in Phase Three clinical trials, which is record time to get it there for a novel virus like we’re dealing with,” White House strategic communications director Alyssa Farah told reporters. “We’re still highly confident we’ll have one by the end of the year and be prepared to deploy it to a hundred million Americans.”

“His goal has never — Election Day is kind of an arbitrary deadline,” she added.

The acknowledgment comes as Trump has softened his promise — which always appeared improbable and politically motivated — on the campaign trail in recent weeks.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/30/white-house-aide-says-trumps-vaccine-by-election-day-promise-was-arbitrary-433670

Kudlow: Wall Street will regret backing Biden

Source: Politico

Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Friday chided Wall Street executives for backing former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump, warning that they would suffer with Democrats in control.

Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, said at an Axios event that many financial industry leaders have "turned to the left" and "become very progressive."

Biden has raised more campaign contributions than Trump from executives and employees of investment firms and commercial banks, according to data compiled by Open Secrets. He has collected nearly five times more than the president from the securities and investment industry alone.

Kudlow, a Wall Street veteran who served as chief economist of investment bank Bear Stearns, said industry leaders would have "many, many regrets" under a Biden presidency. While Biden hasn't adopted the same anti-Wall Street rhetoric as Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), he would face pressure as president to embrace their views. Biden has said he plans to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/30/kudlow-wall-street-biden-433711
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