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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 53,955

Journal Archives

Portents of things to come?

Back in the mid 80s, A long, long time ago, I was in the Houston airport.
The George Bush International Airport.

Miz t. and I were visiting in-laws.
Her parents and sibs.

While waiting for her brother to pick us up I saw a young woman. She was wearing a cowboy (girl?) hat, a mini-skirt, cowboy (girl?) boots and...

A black T shirt, with large white lettering:

This shit started a long, long time ago.

Anyone have a good lemon icebox pie recipe?

Maybe an old family recipe?

Are you married? For how long and how did you meet?

I'll chime in later. It's a good tale.

End of life decisions

Not to get morbid here, but...sooner of later we're all gonna tap out.
I didn't want my family to be left with maybe thousands of dollars in funeral expenses.

I don't want to be on display in a box and then buried.
I'm a bit claustrophobic.
I 'm an atheist, so no afterlife.

Cremation adds to pollution.

I've just donated my body to medicine/science.
It's free.
Who knows? Maybe you'll help mankind.
They come a get your remains.
After 6 months to a year, when they're through with you, they cremate what ever is left and return the remains to whoever you designate.

The outfit I signed up with is Genesys/MERI (Medical Experimentation and Research Institute) in Memphis.

Just something to consider.

We used to open the bar to Happy Hour on Friday nights.

*wipes up drink ring from bar*
What'll you have?

OK, here we go: "I'm so old I remember..."

Give us your best.
I'll start.

Milk delivered in bottles with the cream on top.
A five digit phone number that we shared with another customer on a 'party line'.
I think our ring was a long and a short.
I listened to the other customer.


Supper tonight Chez trof

Miz t. gets the night off.
I used part of a pork loin (incredibly cheap at Sam's) with Wick Fowler's 2 Alarm Chili Mix (all the spices) to make an instant pot batch of chili.

Used dried pintos soaked for a few hours.
Sauteed some chopped onions and tomatillos (2) threw in a small can of green chilis.

Dumped everything into the instant pot. 30 minutes on high pressure with long (15 minute) release.

The beans were creamy and the pork very tender.
Also with some locally made tamales.

buen provecho

A Southern Ploughman's Lunch:

An RC* and a Moon Pie.

*Royal Crown Cola

Oy$ter$ in gumbo

Miz t. made a gumbo.
(She's 100% Cajun.)
She doesn't like oysters in gumbo.
Or anywhere.
I do.

I said "While you're out, please get me a pint of oysters. I'll put a few in MY gumbo."

Later on...
"How much were the oysters?"
"13 bucks"

I can do without oysters.


Just wanted to wake y'all up.
What's happening with you?
Lets talk.
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