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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,907

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Go on a picnic.

I guess we're part of the luck/unlucky ones.
Lucky because we're retired and get S/S checks and I get a pension.
It's a very low 4 figures monthly, but if we REALLY cut back we might be able to just about make it on that amount.

I have an IRA that we use to supplement our other income.
I haven't looked at it since this shitstorm began because I am in denial and don't want to know.

Unlucky because I'm 78 with COPD and hypertension so I figure if I get it I'm a goner.
Miz. t. is 75 and thankfully in good health.
But still...she's 75.

Boy, did I digress.
Anyway...we're lucky to live a short distance from a nature preserve.
Several acres.
Picnic tables scattered around.

We pack a picnic lunch or supper and go settle at a table.
The tables are probably OK, but we spray them down with Lysol.
Then spread a large beach towel for a table cloth.
Just enjoy being outdoors and some fresh air and conversation and being away from TV for a while.

Try it.
I bet it will make you feel better.


Oh yeah, the suppers come with cocktails.

Alabama comes late to the party, but now we're in.

Ouah luhvlih Guhvnuh Kay 'Poison' Ivey FINALLY issued a stay-at-home order.
I don't know who is running this state (if ANYBODY is?) but it sure ain't her.

For reasons unknown to me she had the pastor from the Dexter Avenue Baptist church speak at her news conference and it turned into a come to Jesus prayer meeting.

Starts at about 2:32.

Donnie Two-Scoops sent tons of PPE to China. MA and Kraft bought some back at $4 mil.

In addition to handling the logistics and the plane, the Kraft family had agreed to pay $2 million, or approximately half the cost of the goods.


In the last two days Miz t. has made 40 masks.

My lovely 75 year old wife got the pattern online and joined with several others in our town to make masks.

These will go to doctors' and dentists' offices and lab technicians (Labcorp) to free up the better stuff for hospitals.
They are better than nothing.

We have decided that we will glove and mask to get groceries.
Stay well

I can't believe I'm actually watching the Lawrence Welk Show.

I was never a fan when he was making live shows, but now it seems to be kind of kitchy(?) middle America...'comforting'?

I dunno.
It's just kind of campy and fun to watch.

Here's what we do when grocery shopping.

Put credit card and driver's license in plastic badge holder on neck lanyard.
I don't want to contaminate my wallet.
The plastic cards and holder are easy to sterilize.

Have gloves (several pair) in the car along with Clorox wipes and a container with a lid.
(haven't had/worn masks, but will from now on.)
Glove up before leaving car.
(It is NOT easy to open those plastic produce bags while gloved, BUT IT CAN BE DONE!)

Back at the car, we have a easy open automatic/kick hatch.
No hands.
Load groceries into car.
Carefully remove gloves, not touching with ungloved skin. Google it, it pretty easy.
Put gloves in container and put on lid.
Wipe hands with Clorox wipes as extra precaution.
You DO NOT want the passenger section of the car to be contaminated.

Do you wipe down grocery items?
CDC says 'probably' not necessary.
Up to you.

How about mail?
Again they say 'probably' not.

I am trying to get into the habit of washing my hands after returning, anytime I leave the house.

Oh yes, the used gloves in the 'contaminated container.
I wash them and the container with soap and hot water.
They are more easily washed than hands.
No fingerprints/ridges, wrinkles, nails, cuticles.
They can be reused.

Why you should glove up.

Yes, it keeps you from touching possibly contaminated surfaces, but the MAIN THING is that it constantly reminds you not to touch your face.

Well, I guess Dr. Fauci is toast.

He dissed the Dear Leader so was not present at today's rally/'briefing'.

tRump's catchall response: "We'll see what happens."

Translation: "I don't know what the fuck is happening."

I'm 78. I have COPD and hypertension. My widow will sue the bastard for wrongful death.

If this fucker get me killed I've asked my wife to hire the best litigator she can find and sue this asshole.

There is a very good chance that Cadet Bone Spurs will get me killed.
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