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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
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Dear Republicans: Is this REALLY the best you can do?

OK, Rmoney seems to be, at best, the LEAST nutty of your opening field, with one glaring exception.

The opening field: Rmoney (the eternal candidate), Santorum, Bachmann, West, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Perry, and assorted other loopies.

The glaring exception to the clown car bunch was Jon Huntsman.
He seems to be an actual person.
I think he'd qualify as an old fashioned moderate Republican.
If he had won your nomination, we might be in trouble now.

But you didn't.
No, your party has been co-opted by the tea baggers, birthers, evangelicals, and assorted other fringer whack jobs..
So Huntsman was SOL from the get-go.
Poor guy.

So now you've made your choice and you're stuck with the 'job creator' guy who loved to create them anyplace but here in the U.S.
The 'I have an elevator for my cars' guy.
In just one of his many mansions.
The 'My taxes are my business' guy.
Yeah, he understands what us 99% are dealing with.

You picked the guy who would have let U.S. automakers go down the tubes.
The guy who would have disbanded FEMA.
And the guy who has changed his professed positions on so many issues we need a scorecard just to try and keep up.

REALLY guys?
This is the best you can do?

If that's the case, then you deserve to lose and lose big.

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