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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,907

Journal Archives

Wanna make some REAL baguettes? Heeeere's JULIA!

God, I love this woman.

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Donnie Two-Scoops new nickname: "Spanky".

Oh this is goood.

Hey Donnie! I can whip your ass!

I'll be 77 soon.
I'm not quite as spry as I used to be, but I can sure whip your fat ass.
Bring it on.
You won't last one round.
I'll go straight for the bone spurs.
Yeah, I know all about your Achilles heel.
You're toast.

Where have all the geezers gone?

Long time passin'.
Where have all the geezers gone?
Long time ago?
Where have all the geezers gone?
Gone to grave yards every one?

Damn, I hope not.
Anybody home here?

"Mexicans are like professional mountain climbers."

Quoth Donny Two-Scoops today in San Diego.
His Orangeness was there to inspect examples of border walls.

See, they need to be REALLY high because Mexicans are like "professional mountain climbers".

Next thing ya know they'll be getting licenses to pilot helicopters.

Florida State Rep. Elizabeth Porter (R)

Can't find a video I can load here.

"We've been told that we need to listen to the children and do what the children ask. Are there any children on this floor? Are there any children making laws? Do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework? Or you finish high school at the age of 12 just because they want it so?" Porter said on Tuesday.

"No. The adults make the laws because we have the age, we have the wisdom and we have the experience," she continued.

Video here:

Kids - Randy Rainbow

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A poem about hors d'oeuvres


How 'bout them horz douvers
Ain't they neat?
Little piece uh cheese,
Little piece uh meat.
- Mason Williams
Them Poems

I bought a vintage mayonaisse maker.

It was a Wesson Oil promotional gadget that came out in the 30s...40s...?
My mom had one in the 40s during the war years.
Maybe had something to do with rationing?

I finally found one on eBay. $20 with shipping.
Cheap at the price.
Recipe is embossed on raised glass on the jar.

Can't wait to try it.

LBJ and impeachment

There's an anecdotal story (may or may not be true, but nevertheless) that during a campaign in Texas Johnson told his campaign manager to accuse his opponent of being "queer".

"Lyndon, you KNOW he ain't queer."
"Hell, yeah. I KNOW that. I just want the sunovabitch to have to deny it!"

IF, and it's a very big IF, we took back the House and could bring articles of impeachment the senate would never convict.
But every repug there would have to go on record as voting not to convict the the most corrupt president we have ever had.

And the next time around...?
Elections have consequences.
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