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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
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Health care in Germany.

My friend (U.S. citizen in his late 70s, yet) was going hiking with a group of German friends in Germany.
It's a group that gets together once or twice a year.
He noticed a bump on his throat.
One of his friends, a physician, told him he needed to get it checked out, post haste.
Told him where to go.

He did so at a clinic in Frankfurt.
He was there overnight.
They did extensive tests.
Tests that would have been very expensive here.
Verdict was cancer.

They told him not only what treatment he should seek, but also gave him a list of doctors near his home in the U.S. who could provide that treatment.
His bill was $150.00

Hotels near Georgetown U.?

Daughter will be taking grandson to look at colleges in D.C. in Feb.
Is there such a thing as a moderately priced hotel near Georgetown?

HooWee...Stone is ONE piece of work.

Read his wiki entry.


On being furloughed from your job.

I was a pilot for the late lamented Trans World Airlines (look it up, kids ).
During my 30+ year career I was furloughed three times.
1 to 2 years at a whack for a total of about a 5 year chunk out of my work life.
It was damn near impossible to get a job.

Every prospective employer wants a resume'.
As soon as they saw mine they knew that I'd be going back to work for TWA in a fairly short time.
At least back then ('70s and '80s) they wanted a long term commitment, especially if there was ANY training involved.

Some of my jobs were real estate sales (commission only), telemarketing (commission only), auto sales (commission only), etc., etc.
Of course my wife had to go back to work, once when our daughter was only 18 months old.

These poor government employees are facing a lot more than just missing a few paychecks.

Jane Pauley interviews her husband...Garry Trudeau. You should see this.

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In honor of Speaker Pelosi: Peter, Paul And Mary - "If I had a Hammer"

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Maybe if Nancy got him a giant pacifier?

He'd settle down and go to sleep or something?
I'll buy.

Or maybe we should start sending him these?

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