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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,907

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Anyone read any M.F.K. Fisher books on food?

Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher.
I discovered her in the 70s.

In my opinion she is the BEST food writer at least of the 20th century.
Most, if not all, of her books are out of print now.
Possibly you can find some on Amazon.
Think of Julia Child as a terrific writer.

Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher (July 3, 1908 June 22, 1992) was a preeminent American food writer. She was a founder of the Napa Valley Wine Library. Over her lifetime she wrote 27 books, including a translation of The Physiology of Taste by Brillat-Savarin. Fisher believed that eating well was just one of the "arts of life" and explored this in her writing. W. H. Auden once remarked, "I do not know of anyone in the United States who writes better prose."[1]

Who actually runs this country? Here's the list:

"The Hill's Top Lobbyists 2019"

You'll see some familiar names.

Bloomberg's candidacy is hopeless. All in favor?

WTF is this guy thinking/drinking/smoking?
I don't understand what his motivation could possibly be.
He. Has. No. Chance.

'Splain me?

My latest motel adventure: Pack your slippers.

Stayed in a motel we've stayed in several times.
Always an enjoyable stay...until now.

Remodeled and now have laminate floors in rooms.
Very cold underfoot, but probably low maintenance compared to carpet.
No room phone.
Is this a new thing?
EVERYONE has a mobile phone?
I had to look up the motel's website to get the phone number to call the front desk on my mobile.
No coffeemaker.
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