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Democratic leaders need to realize what a beating white working class males have taken for 40 years

The decline in wages has hurt white males especially hard when compared to women and minorities, who were already facing depressed wages due to the various bigotries.

White married women and mothers didn't enter the workforce because of some sort of feminist zeal, they did so because the white male no longer earned enough in terms of purchasing power to support a family. Women's wages were necessary to achieve the sort of lifestyle their parents had enjoyed, minus mom in the home, taking care of things full time.

Democrats will find those working class white males quickly if they pull their heads out and realize that depressed wages are the biggest problem out there, that the policy of depressing wages in order to end the inflation built into fiat money has been a complete flop.

Conservative Democrats did largely abandon the middle class and the working class. As long as they keep it up, they're going to have to struggle for votes, especially from the group that has seen the biggest drop in wages: working white males.

Lucky Iron Fish Project

Even here in the US, a lot of women and children are chronically anemic, although not to the extent they are in the developing world. Cooking in cast iron helps a lot of people, but cheap cookware is not cast iron and that's where the problem comes in.

This is a gadget that really needs to be marketed worldwide. In the meantime, if you've got some bucks that are looking for a good home, you can buy one/give one at


It's just a neat idea for cooks to cooks.
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